Walking School Bus

Remember the good old days when you and your neighborhood friends walked to school together and talked about everything? The Runkle Walking School Bus (RWSB) is an opportunity to give your kid(s) that same experience. The RWSB combines exercise and community building while reducing our school’s carbon footprint. We are in dire need of new walkers as well as adult and junior (7th-8th grade) volunteers. We have 5 routes looking for happy little walkers for Friday mornings. If you are interested in joining the RWSB, please complete the form(s) below and email them to: rwalkingschoolbus@gmail.com (rwalkingschoolbus null@null gmail NULL.com).
  • RWSB Consent Form (http://files NULL.constantcontact NULL.com/5034d71a001/91f5c3ee-a3d6-40f1-8dd4-4a8971b2f65b NULL.pdf)
  • RWSB Volunteer Application (http://files NULL.constantcontact NULL.com/5034d71a001/97229860-9ed1-4a66-a4e6-59234f942fd9 NULL.pdf)
Clinton Road Route
Departs 20 Clinton Road: 7:40 am
Arrives Runkle: 7:50 am
Strathmore Road/Beaconsfield Route
Departs 23 Strathmore Road: 7:35 am
Arrives Runkle: 7:50 am
Sumner to Buckminster Route
Departs 44 Sumner at the garage: 7:35 am
Arrives Runkle: 7:50 am
Garrison/Rawson Route
Stop #1: Schick Park: 7:30 am
Stop #2: 198 Rawson Road: 7:35 am
Stop #3: Intersection of Rawson Road and Garrison Road: 7:40 am
Stop #4: 1731 Beacon St. bldg by StarMarket PICK UP: 7:42-7:45 am
Arrives Runkle: 7:52 am
Olmsted/Fisher/Hyslop Route
Stop #1: Corner of Olmsted Road and Fisher Avenue: 7:40am
Stop #2: Corner of Hyslop and Fisher Avenue: 7:46am
Arrives Runkle: 7:50 am

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