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… Grade 2, Room 122

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Vulcano, Lauren

Guidance Counselor Grades K-2, Room 208A

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Watts, Jillian

ELL Teacher, Room 324B

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Wells-Rockhead, Pamela

Math Specialist K-5, Room 324A

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Congratulations to Boston Marathon finishers Lauren Vulcano, Nadene Moll, Katie Fiumara, and Chad Pelton, for putting the RUN in RUNKLE!  You can check out pictures from this great day on Twitter @RunkleSchool, thanks to Donna, stationed in Wellesley, and Erica Landry, at the finish line!  (I went a despairing 0-for-4 with my camera at Mile 6 in Framingham.)


Congratulations as well to our 6th graders for their Living History Museum …