Hello, everyone.

I hope you are all enjoying this Veterans Day weekend, and I say a special Thank You to veterans within the Runkle community and beyond.

The Runkle Volleyball Squad has made the playoffs and have a semifinal match this Monday after school at Brookline High School.  We encourage you to come out and root on our team!  Congratulations to all the students and …


Dear Families,

I am pleased to announce that SAMANTHA LEVINE has been hired as our new 1st grade classroom teacher, and that HANNAH KIMBALL COTE has been hired as our new 3rd grade classroom teacher.

Both of these educators are very well known to us here at Runkle School. Ms. Levine spent the first half of this school year as the lead teacher for Ms. Madden’s 2nd grade classroom, …


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Allyn, Mark

Grade 5, Room 221

mark_allyn@psbma.org (mark_allyn null @ null psbma NULL .org)

Almeida, Emily

Grade 5, Room 225

emily_almeida@psbma.org (emily_almeida null @ null psbma NULL .org)

Barber, Racheal

OT, Room 101

racheal_barber@psbma.org (racheal_barber null @ null psbma NULL …