Hello Runkle School Community,

This week at Runkle was another busy week of learning! I wish I could share all that goes on in each of the grades; but as our teachers share classroom learningthrough their own newsletters, I would just like to share a couple of activities I  saw this week.

Cardboard Challenge: The Enrichment Challenge Support teacher, Debbie Mercer, partnered with some …


Dear  RUNKLE Families ,

We are very happy to report that support for the PTO Annual Fund 2017-18  is off to a great start. Please look out for flyers going into the children’s backpacks this week. Giving Tuesday is November 28th and we hope that all of our Runkle families will donate on or before this date. We are thankful to the families who have donated already this year. Every …


Hello Runkle School Community ,

This week I would like to share a few updates and reminders.  We will begin closing the Runkle field  after Thanksgiving Holiday break (the week of Nov 27th). It will be closed Tuesday and Thursday’s in order to care for the grass and keep it healthy and viable.

K-2nd Grade families please look out for information regarding our K-2 Morning Meetings. …


Dear RUNKLE Families,

Now is the time to apply for a Runkle PTO Grant. If you have an idea that would benefit the classroom or the whole school, please read below for details on the types of grants awarded. Keep in mind the application deadline is Fri. Nov 10th . After all applications have been submitted, the granting committee will contact all applicants with any follow-up questions. …


Dear RUNKLE Friends and Families!

We are busy as bees! Last week we picked up the pace and accomplished much. With the help of you, our dedicated parents as volunteers and attendees, along with our board members and Runkle staff we:

Conducted our 2nd very informative PTO meeting (with many great questions and suggestions from parents who were able to attend and information from Ms. GT).