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… who proudly support clean, organic, local and sustainable agriculture to our school.

PSB Meal Menus (https://schools NULL.whitsons

Lunch Menu for December 2017 (PDF) (https://schools NULL.whitsons NULL.pdf)



… to determine the winner.  The winner will receive a chef jacket and a coveted spot on the School Menu.  Please send all entries by Oct 12 th to: (alden_cadwell null @ null brookline NULL.k12

I am well aware that these two steps are just the beginning of adjustments we will need to make. There are many very capable motivated people in our community who will have input and who can help.  Please reach out.  I appreciate your …


… for each student who scored in the Warning or Needs Improvement Categories.

*More Math Extension Menus were distributed to teachers this year (K-5)


Goal 4:  Educational Equity

*Runkle Achievement Program – this goal will be included on the 2012-2013 SIP.

*Placement Process – Runkle creates balanced heterogeneous classrooms and will continue this practice.  This will not need to be a SIP goal next year as it is already a general practice at Runkle.


Goal 5:  Community …


… learning styles, likeability partners, mentors, cross-grade partnerships);

Extension Menus (created by math specialists, ECS teachers, curriculum coordinators…) are available for many ThinkMath! chapters and are being used in many classrooms, grades 1-5; ( Dr. Beauchaine will follow up on quantifying the use of these menus. )

7-8 Math Challenge Option is available this year.

The Council had discussion regarding the social elements that affect older students. The question …


… Jim Stoddard informed the council that the district expects to complete the full set of Extension Menus to support differentiated instruction within grades 1-5. General agreement that the goal should be to see “extensive use” of the Extension Menus throughout these grades during the 2010-11 school year.

c. Teresa Gallo-Toth asked that future SIPs should “put the same lens to literacy as has been put to math over the last several years.” Jennifer Shapiro added that writing should be …