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… Main Office

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Domerson, Djems

Grades 6 & 7 Science, Room 304

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Finnegan, Donna

Vice Principal, Main Office (204C)

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Francescone, Bridget

Grades 6-8 Learning Center, Room 319

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… Belofsky joins our 6th grade team as an advisor and homeroom teacher, alongside Mr. Cramer and Mr. Domerson.

The Runkle Variety Show made a most triumphant return last Thursday night! We had over 40 acts participate in what was a most entertaining and affirming night. Many thanks to Ms. Bigda and Mr. Lass for their work in resurrecting this special event. Also last Friday was our annual Field Day, which was organized by the Runkle Student Council and Mr. Pelton.  Many thanks to all the …