… we got there. It was a beautiful day for the food parade!

We are almost to 400 students in the directory! If you have not registered please take the time this week to check that off your list!


Runkle PTO co-chairs Dorothy Charles, Amy Bacon and Sharon Brockmann

pto@runkle.org (pto null @ null runkle NULL.org)


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PTO Annual Fund

On October 14, 2017 By

… Ice Skating Night

Music and Arts Festival

Guest speaker series for parents

The Online Family Directory

Green Team

Welcome Wagon

K-3rd Grades

Materials for teaching resilience to K-2nd graders

Outdoor explorations supplies for kindergarten

Eating through cultures to complement 2nd grade Social Studies

A visit from author-photographer Giles Laroche to the 3rd grade

Playaways (individual audio books) for the library for student borrowing

4th-5th Grades …


About the PTO

On August 20, 2017 By

… Illustrator visits

Field Trips

International Potluck Night

Runkle PTO Family Online Directory

Trivia & Bingo Night

Halloween Fair

Library books and e-Readers

Homework Centers

& many more!

For a more complete list of PTO Sponsored activities visit the PTO Annual Fund page.


Main Phone Numbers

On July 27, 2017 By

… Vice Principal




See the Faculty & Staff directory for more contacts.