… to our 5th and 6th grade Math League team, under the leadership of 6th Grade Mathematics teacher Dale Cramer, which finished in 3rd place in the February town-wide Math League competition.  There is one more meet for the season, scheduled for Wednesday, March 15 .  Also in March, our 7th and 8th grade MathCounts team will participate in the state championships. Representing Runkle will be 8th graders Sam, Ben, Marco, and Varun.  March will also bring with us our 2nd annual March …


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Allyn, Mark

Grade 5, Room 221

mark_allyn@psbma.org (mark_allyn null @ null psbma NULL .org)

Almeida, Emily

Grade 5, Room 225

emily_almeida@psbma.org (emily_almeida null @ null psbma NULL .org)

Barber, Racheal

OT, Room 101

racheal_barber@psbma.org (racheal_barber null @ null psbma NULL …