Runkle School Council

Runkle School Library

January 3, 2013


Members Present: Vanessa Beauchaine, Rosemary McElroy, Teresa Gallo-Toth, Elvira Perez, Amy Hummel, Marcy Bienen, Anne Depew, Chad Pelton, Val Godhwani, Judy Katz (arrived at 4:38)


Members Absent: Marian Voros, Jen Shapiro, Deanne Dixon


Dr. Beauchaine called the Council to order at 4:31 p.m.


I. Approval …


The following is from Brookline Public Schools food service director Alden Caldwell.

Brookline Public Schools Community,

My name is Alden Cadwell, I am your new Director of Food Service. I have been here a little over a month and I’d like to introduce myself and address the great bagel controversy of 2012. I am a chef, I have worked as the Director of Food Service in Concord, as well as …


PTO Meeting Minutes

September 13, 2011

8:05 a.m.–9:30 a.m.


In attendance: Vanessa Beauchaine (principal), Marian Voros (teacher), Sandra Costello, Emily Dolbear, Jayne Bennett Friedberg, Amy Hummel, Shalini Kasida, Kate Leness, Jemelle O’Neill, Elvira Perez, Tami Petler, Jen Reed, Alison Reeves, Olga Valentine


Introductions and Expectations

All …


Community Announcements

On March 8, 2011 By

Spanish Cultural Center of America

Run by Runkle School Parents

Join us in our next Open House*

Sat., Mar. 12. 6:30-8:30pm.  18 Dean Rd., Brookline.

To learn more about all the Center activities. RSVP at 617-277-4323/617-794-6554 or email at (info null @ null sccofa NULL .org)

Our mission is to spread the Spanish culture and language knowledge through the …


In attendance: V.Beauchaine, J.Stoddard, D. Halwick, R. Kemp, T. Gallo-Toth, S. Stern, G. Sopel, A. Hummel, R. McEllroy

Guests: Mies Boet-Whitaker and Debbie Mercer

Meeting commenced: 4:03 pm

Approved Minutes from December 2010 meeting


Mies Boe-Whitaker, ECS coordinator, shared overview of district’s ECS model and school district’s perspective

Enable all students to meet …