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Runkle PTO Calendar 2013-14


… of last month’s Minutes was postponed until the end of the meeting.


I.  Runkle Calendar

Superintendent Dr. Lupini joined the School Council from 4:30pm to 5:30pm in order to provide a summary of background information regarding fulfilling the 180-day school year requirement. Following this summary, Dr Lupini responded to questions and concerns from Council members and then from members of the public present.


Overview from Dr. Lupini

Dr. Lupini briefly shared …


… considering assignments over religious/cultural holidays:

Category 1

The school system calendar for The Public Schools of Brookline recognizes certain religious holidays by designating them as “days of low attendance” or imbedding them within school vacations. This “day of low attendance” designation is utilized when absences by staff and students would impact the ability to conduct classes on that date.

In order to provide students with the opportunity to fully observe …


… will hit the limit of the number of makeup days allowed?

A:  According to our current school calendar, we only have a cushion of five days to be added at the end of the year.  If we use three days up in October during the move and we have more than two snow days, we will need to look at other ways to total 180 days for the school year.  It is possible that some vacation time or Saturdays may be used to make up the days in order to adhere to the language in the collective bargaining …


PTO Meeting Minutes 3-06-12

On March 13, 2012 By

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Mark your calendars

Open Forum with Superintendent William H. Lupini at Runkle, 3/13, 8:15 am

Math & Science Night, 3/30