… 15 , for the return of the Runkle Variety Show!  More information will be forthcoming from Ania Bigda and Eric Lass. Thank you to these two teachers for their efforts in bringing back this great Runkle event!

Class Placement Letter – [the message below went out to all families of K-7 students this Friday , via Blackboard Connect.  Please make sure that you are receiving “Blackboard Connect” messages and that they are not getting caught up in your spam filters!  We use this …


… April 6 .  (I got my 2nd RWW button last week!) Special thanks to Ms. Gallo-Toth and Ms. Bigda for their work in promoting Reading Without Walls at Runkle.  The student response has been fantastic.  More information at  http://geneyang.com/the- reading-without-walls- challenge (http://geneyang NULL.com/the-reading-without-walls-challenge).


… homeroom teacher about upcoming shares!


The Reading Without Walls Challenge:

Ms. Bigda  and Ms. Gallo-Toth, in conjunction with Rebecca Brenner from the Brookline Public Library, recently launched The Reading Without Walls Challenge for our oldest students.  The Challenge involves expanding our reading horizons by choosing books outside our comfort zones:

1. A book about a character who doesn’t look or live like you.

2. A book about a topic you don’t know much …