School Council

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… parent.


Genteen Jean-Michel, Principal

Katja Vinha, Parent


Ania Bigda

Kim Munroe

Teresa Gallo-Toth

Michelle Schweiger


Alessandra Di Credico

Julie Young

Kristan Singleton

Leigha Cuniberti


Kwame Morris


… Julie Young, who have been elected to serve on the Runkle School Council, as well as staff members Ania BIgda, Teresa Gallo-Toth, and Kim Munroe.



… K-8 school (Kindergarten teacher Ashley Haese, Grade 3 teacher Hannah Cote, Grades 7-8 ELA teacher Ania Bigda).

The presentation was very informative for the parents in attendance, and there was talk of having a larger presentation at the beginning of next school year for the whole parent community. The slides from the presentation, which contain greater specifics on what reading and writing looks like within our classrooms, are available on

We recently received the results …


… June 15 , for the return of the Runkle Variety Show!  More information will be forthcoming from Ania Bigda and Eric Lass. Thank you to these two teachers for their efforts in bringing back this great Runkle event!

Class Placement Letter – [the message below went out to all families of K-7 students this Friday , via Blackboard Connect.  Please make sure that you are receiving “Blackboard Connect” messages and that they are not getting caught up in your spam filters!  We use …


Faculty & Staff

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Allyn, Mark

Grade 5, Room 221 (mark_allyn null @ null psbma NULL .org)

Almeida, Emily

Grade 5, Room 225 (emily_almeida null @ null psbma NULL .org)

Barber, Racheal

OT, Room 101 (racheal_barber null @ null psbma NULL …