After School Sports

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Runkle offers several school-based after school sport programs:

Cross Country Running (Grades 5-8, Fall)

In the fall, students in grades 5 – 8 may participate in beginning cross-country running, which meets either before or after school on different days of the school week. The season culminates in a town-wide meet that takes place on a school day in October.

Co-Ed Interscholastic Volleyball (Grades 7 and 8, Fall)

This …


Dear RUNKLE Families,

Now is the time to apply for a Runkle PTO Grant. If you have an idea that would benefit the classroom or the whole school, please read below for details on the types of grants awarded. Keep in mind the application deadline is Fri. Nov 10th . After all applications have been submitted, the granting committee will contact all applicants with any follow-up questions. …



Let’s start with the nitty gritty.

Thank you to everyone who submitted Meet & Greet Handouts to Principal Genteen. The PTO made these sheets available as a way to solicit feedback and opinions from the Runkle Community and we’ve had a really great, constructive response. While the handouts were originally meant solely for our new Principal, they have now become …


Middle School Activities

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Runkle PTO offers winter middle school activities, typically starting around January time through April. Check out the Runkle News for announcements. Activities are drop in sessions and include:

Science Afternoons

Yoga afternoons

Art afternoons

Middle School Dance

Games Afternoon


School Council

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Minutes | Agendas | School Improvement Plan: Report

The Runkle School Council was formed after the passage in 1993 of a law mandating that every public elementary, secondary and independent vocational school in the Commonwealth establish a School Council.

The Runkle School Council meets regularly. Its duties include:

assisting in the identification of the educational needs of the …