Office of the Superintendent of Schools William H. Lupini, Ed.D.

October 2, 2012

Dear Parents and Guardians:

One of the key characteristics of The Public Schools of Brookline is our diversity, which is celebrated by all members of this community of learners. Our core value of “Respect for Human Differences” states that “[w]e are committed to acknowledging and celebrating the …


Hello, everyone.

I want to wish to all participating, a fun and safe Halloween experience this Monday evening.

Our K-2 students were paid a visit this week by Brookline Fire Fighters Patty and DJ.  The students learned about fire safety strategies and the work of fire fighters, which goes well beyond fighting fires.  Students were able to earn their own fire safety training …


Dear Families,


We had a very special K-2 Morning Meeting this past Thursday, led by Vice Principal Donna Finnegan.  Ms. Finnegan began the meeting with a “What’s the news?” greeting with a circle of several first graders on the stage before sharing her own news: we are putting together a “There’s No App for Your Lap” bulletin board, made up of pictures of parents reading …


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December 2012   …


Runkle School

School Council Meeting


Meeting Minutes

Meeting called to order at 4:00pm in the Runkle Library.


Members Present :  V. Beauchaine, D. Dixon, T. Gallo-Toth, D. Halwick, A. Hummel, R. McElroy, C. Pelton, J. Shapiro, G. Sopel, S. Stern, J. Katz


Members Absent : M. Voros , V. Godhwani

I.               Approval of Minutes …