… during this past week.  

This week is brought to you by the letter S!  The Superintendent Search is now in high gear.  The three finalists will each be spending a full day in Brookline this Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. Part of each itinerary will be brief visits to three of the K-8 schools; Runkle is now one of the three destinations. Complete schedules, along with ways for parents to participate in the process, can be found at http://www.brookline.k12.ma.us/supersearch


… read a book theyíve read using examples from the texts.  In 5 th grade, they will write a research-based argument essay where they build arguments using evidence, analysis and counterclaims.  We are looking forward to seeing the continued development and growth of Runkle students as writers!



On January 4, 2009 By

… the Runkle library has access to many on-line reference tools such as World Book On-Line, Infotrac Searchbank, the Boston Globe archives, and the Junior Reference Collection.

Library computers are used as information and communication tools, providing access to a wide variety of electronic resources.

Martin Sleeper

Dr. Martin Sleeper

Dr. Martin Sleeper became the principal of the Runkle School in September, 1979. In 2000, he made the decision to retire. Seeking an appropriate way to …