… to all the students, teachers, and parents for their work in putting together the special surprise culmination to the day!



… With a song….we’ve only just begun.

Those in attendance were also treated to a surprise visit from Ms. Gardner and her beautiful baby girl Josephine!

I am so pleased to announce that three Runkle students penned award-winning essays in the town-wide “The Woman Who Inspires Me” essay contest, sponsored by the Brookline Commission for Women.  Congratulations to Anoushka (1st place in Grade 8), Nina (1st place in Grade 7), and Mila (2nd place in Grade 7)!  These …


… of community, helpfulness, and yes, fun!, throughout the school.  The Student Council is comprised of 6th graders Abby, Nico, and Zara, 7th graders Kyle, Ingrid, and Henry, and 8th graders Maya, Levi, and Owen.  


During Grades 1-5 Professional Development Release Days this past month, our classroom teachers have been discussing ways of Making Thinking Visible within the discipline of mathematics.  Teachers met with me, our Math Specialists Michelle Schweiger and Pam …


… Bests.  Congratulations to all who participated!

The Cross Country Meet featured a surprise appearance by our own Jen Schultz, who has been recuperating from the serious injury she suffered last May.   I am so happy to announce that Jen will be returning to Runkle to resume her teaching in December!   The plan is for Jen to return on a part-time basis at first and gradually build up to full-time.  Jen will be visiting Runkle occasionally during the month of November to begin …


… is a consequence of thinking.

•  Learning and thinking are as much a collective enterprise as they are an individual endeavor.

• Learning occurs at the point of challenge.

• Learning is an active process and involves getting personally involved.

• Questions not only drive learning but also are outcomes of learning.

The Runkle staff as a whole will be looking more deeply into Dr. Ritchhart’s work during the 2016-2017 school year.