… the parents and teachers who attended. We had many insightful and brave comments from parents from RISE and Special Ed and Principal Jean- Michel at the meeting on concerns of diversity, bias, and inclusion at Runkle.

On Fri 15th, we celebrated a second round in unity with other Brookline Schools by folding more Peace Cranes for MLK day and for the Brookline High School. We can also celebrate a record amount of Runkle donations to the annual Toy Drive, teacher gifts, and Annual Fund. Many …


PTO Annual Fund

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… Man National Park

6th Grade Hale Reservation

7th Grade Boda Borg

8th Grade Boda Borg

RISE Ice Skating

PTO Grants

Exclusive Screening of Swim Team: Free for the Runkle Community in the Runkle Library

Applied Behavior Analysis Conference attended by RISE teacher for professional development

Scanner for Special Ed and ELL Teams to compile appropriate reading materials

Flexible classroom seating options for Grade 2

A class set of Rekenreks (abacuses) for Grade K-2 …


… Alissa Parker, Speech and Language Pathologist

Kaitlin Rok, Grade 2 Teacher

Quinn Gosselin, RISE Special Education Teacher

Paraprofessionals : Mei-Hau Li, Daniel Christian, Travis Fullmore, Jade McNeish, Shiel Kuida, Mordechai Horwath

September Happenings

6th Informal Classroom Welcomes 1:30pm-2:30pm

6th Popsicle Party for New Families Gr.1-8, 5:00 pm

7th First Day of School (Gr. 1-8) 7th PTO Welcome Coffee, 8:05am

7th First Day of School for Half of Kindergarten

8th Second …


Faculty & Staff

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… lauren_carroll@psbma.org (lauren_carroll null @ null psbma NULL.org)

Castro, Melissa

RISE Teacher, Room 100 (Reaching Independence through Structured Education)

melissa_castro@psbma.org (melissa_castro null @ null psbma NULL.org)

Chen, Meredith

Grade 2, Room 124

meredith_chen@psbma.org (meredith_chen null @ null psbma NULL.org)

Connors, Annie

Grades K-2 Literacy, Room 210

annie_connors@psbma.org (annie_connors null @ null psbma NULL.org) …



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… SEPAC stands for S pecial E ducation P arent A dvisory C ouncil.

The SEPAC is comprised of individuals involved in, or concerned with, the education of students with disabilities. Membership is open to parents of students with disabilities, teachers, administrators, individuals with disabilities, and members of the community.

SEPAC Website (http://brooklinesepac NULL.org)

SEPAC Discussion Forum

If anyone at Runkle has any special education or IEP questions, email …