We often use this section of the Runkle News to recap news from recent events and programs at Runkle School; but this week we feel we need to address the recent racially divisive incidents at Brookline High School and how similar incidents and feelings may be effecting our school community. The PTO is currently exploring ways to introduce the topic racism and bias to …



December is traditionally a month of celebrations, peace, and togetherness. We welcomed this month at Runkle by inviting children, families, parents & teachers to join together in a celebration of peace and tolerance by making Paper Cranes for Peace. With all that is going on at Bookline High School, we want to continue to make Runkle a place where all are …


The PTO welcomes the Runkle community back after a restful and festive time spent with family and friends during the Thanksgiving holiday break. The season of thanks and of giving has begun well! We are so thankful for the continued support from all of the Runkle community. We thank our teachers, staff, principal, and vice principal for their dedication. As the month of November ends and …


… or mittens helps prevent our children from getting frostbite.

This week Runkle School will begin parent teacher conferences. Our students are released at 12:40pm on these days.   Homework Center will not be in session on early release days. Please put these dates in your calendar:

Tues, Nov 14th : Grades K-6 will be released at 12:40pm

Wed, Nov 29th : Grade K-8 will be released at 12:40pm

Tues, Dec 5th : K-8 will be released at 12:40pm

Wed, Dec 13th : K-8 will be released at …


Runkle School

School Council Meeting


Meeting Minutes


Meeting called to order at 4:12 in the Runkle Library.


Members Present :  V. Beauchaine, T. Gallo-Toth , D. Halwick, (arrived at 4:57),

A. Hummel, R. McElroy, C. Pelton, J. Shapiro, S. Stern,


Members Absent : D. Dixon, J. Katz G. Sopel V. Godhwani, M. Voros


I.   Approval of Minutes …