… School Site Council will meet at 4pm on Wed Oct. 4th in our Library.


Have a great week.

Genteen Jean-Michel, Your Principal


… will embrace your warm, welcoming feedback and acknowledgements.

Thank you,

Your Principal,

Genteen Jean-Michel


PS: If you were not part of the Meet & Greet or Meet the Principal discussions. the school and I would still welcome your input. Please click here to download a PDF sheet which can be filled out and returned to the office for review.


… events.

Looking forward to what the next full week at Runkle will bring! :)

Your Principal,

Genteen Jean-Michel


Faculty & Staff

On August 25, 2017 By

… 210

shoshana_jacobs@psbma.org (shoshana_jacobs null @ null psbma NULL.org)

Jean-Michel, Genteen

Principal, Main Office (204A)

genteen_jean_michel@psbma.org (genteen_jean_michel null @ null psbma NULL.org)

Kane, Kathleen

RISE Teacher, Room 121

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Kantardzic, Merima

Cafeteria Manager, Room 129

merima_kantardzic@psbma.org (merima_kantardzic null @ null psbma NULL.org)

Landry, Erica …


Runkle School Offices

On August 4, 2017 By

… 8:00 a.m. and provide your name, child’s name, grade, teacher and expected dates of absence.

Genteen Jean-Michel


genteen_jean_michel@psbma.org (genteen_jean_michel null @ null psbma NULL.org)

Donna Finnegan

Vice Principal

donna_finnegan@psbma.org (donna_finnegan null @ null psbma NULL.org)

Janet Campbell

School Nurse

janet_campbell@psbma.org (janet_campbell null @ null psbma NULL.org)

Beatrice Moyer

Secretary …