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Please mark your calendars for this Friday, March 17 , when incoming Principal Genteen Jean-Michel will be at Runkle!  Parent meet-and-greets are scheduled for 8:15 am as well as 5:00 pm , in the Sleeper Library.  (We are scheduling opportunities for staff to meet with Ms. Jean-Michel on Friday as well.)

A few notes from our middle school grades to pass along:

• Runkle finished 18th in the State MathCounts competition on Saturday, March 4, with 8th …


Faculty & Staff

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shoshana_jacobs@psbma.org (shoshana_jacobs null @ null psbma NULL.org)

Jean-Michel, Genteen

Principal, Main Office (204A)

genteen_jean_michel@psbma.org (genteen_jean_michel null @ null psbma NULL.org)

Kane, Kathleen

RISE Teacher, Room 121

kathleen_kane@psbma.org (kathleen_kane null @ null psbma NULL.org)

Kantardzic, Merima

Cafeteria Manager, Room 129

merima_kantardzic@psbma.org (merima_kantardzic null @ null psbma NULL.org)

Landry, Erica …


Runkle School Offices

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… 8:00 a.m. and provide your name, child’s name, grade, teacher and expected dates of absence.

Genteen Jean-Michel


genteen_jean_michel@psbma.org (genteen_jean_michel null @ null psbma NULL.org)

Donna Finnegan

Vice Principal

donna_finnegan@psbma.org (donna_finnegan null @ null psbma NULL.org)

Janet Campbell

School Nurse

janet_campbell@psbma.org (janet_campbell null @ null psbma NULL.org)

Beatrice Moyer

Secretary …


School Council

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… a community member. It is co-chaired by the school principal and a parent.


Genteen Jean-Michel, Principal

Katja Vinha, Parent


Ania Bigda

Kim Munroe

Teresa Gallo-Toth

Michelle Schweiger


Alessandra Di Credico

Julie Young

Kristan Singleton

Leigha Cuniberti


Kwame Morris