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Allyn, Mark

Grade 5, Room 221

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Almeida, Emily

Grade 5, Room 225

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Barber, Racheal

OT, Room 101

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… qualities that you would like to see in the permanent principal.

I am also meeting with Runkle faculty and staff, and will be sharing with them a questionnaire similar to the one that you already received.  We will use the input from you and from the Runkle faculty to develop a leadership profile that will be used by the Search Committee when identifying and interviewing candidates.

The Search Committee will include twelve members:  four selected by the school’s faculty, three …


… Dr. Richhart’s book, “Making Thinking Visible,” and we have begun exploring together during faculty meetings the key principles of this work, as outlined by the author:

● Learning is a consequence of thinking. Students’ understanding of content, and even their memory for content, increases when they think through—and with—the concepts and information they are studying. Thinking through issues is not a solo endeavor, however. Team members often share and build on one …


… year to the next, in comparison to students who had the same score the previous year.  The Runkle Faculty will be taking time to look into the data to look at trends and performances both in the whole-school “aggregate”, as well as within different grade levels and subgroups.

Finally, a reminder that this Wednesday, October 5 , is International “Car-Free” School Day, where students and families are encouraged to walk, bike, or take public transportation to school.  While it …


… Lawrence School.   We are delighted that Ms. Levine and Ms. Cote will be part of our Faculty next year.

Congratulations to all of our chorus, band, and strings performers for their impressive concerts this past week!  Thank you as well to Ms.Gardner and Brookline’s traveling music teachers Aleksandra Labinska and John Ferguson (strings), and Michele Cavalieri and Chris Thoft-Brown (band) for all of your work throughout the year with our students.

Jim Stoddard