We had a very special K-2 Morning Meeting this past Thursday, led by Vice Principal Donna Finnegan.  Ms. Finnegan began the meeting with a “What’s the news?” greeting with a circle of several first graders on the stage before sharing her own news: we are putting together a “There’s No App for Your Lap” bulletin board, made up of pictures of parents reading to their children, in the lower lobby!  Please email or hand-deliver any pictures to Donna and help encourage all of …


… time out space at events if needed

Assistant Superintendent of Student Services: Donna Finnegan.  Kiersten – Denise Rochland is retiring.

Walk for Autism at Suffolk Downs


– Submitted by PTO Co-Chairs Mini Kolluri, Sandy Costello, and Emily Dolbear

May 31, 2011


Faculty & Staff

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… 7 Science, Room 304

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Finnegan, Donna

Vice Principal, Main Office (204C)

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Francescone, Bridget

Grades 6-8 Learning Center, Room 319

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Galanopoulos, Angela

Grades 6-8 Learning Center, Room 312

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Runkle School Offices

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Donna Finnegan

Vice Principal

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Janet Campbell

School Nurse

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Beatrice Moyer


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Linda DelVecchio

Instructional Aide

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