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… 7 Science, Room 304

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Finnegan, Donna

Vice Principal, Main Office (204C)

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Francescone, Bridget

Grades 6-8 Learning Center, Room 319

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Galanopoulos, Angela

Grades 6-8 Learning Center, Room 312

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Runkle School Offices

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Donna Finnegan

Vice Principal

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Janet Campbell

School Nurse

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Beatrice Moyer


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Linda DelVecchio

Instructional Aide

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… to Ms. Connors and Ms. Jacobs, the Runkle Literacy Team includes myself, Vice Principal Donna Finnegan, Literacy Specialists Amy Sweeney and Kristin Gray, Librarian Teresa Gallo-Toth, Special Educator Angela Galanopoulos, and classroom teachers spanning our K-8 school (Kindergarten teacher Ashley Haese, Grade 3 teacher Hannah Cote, Grades 7-8 ELA teacher Ania Bigda).

The presentation was very informative for the parents in attendance, and there was talk of having a larger presentation …


… even if you may have shared this information verbally at some point in the year with me, Ms. Finnegan, or our guidance counselors.  Please include in your note the best number to reach you should I want to follow up with you more.  Please know that we do not honor requests for specific teachers.  

Thank you, and as always, let me know if you have any questions!

Graduation – The date for 8th grade graduation will be Wednesday, June 21 , at 4:00 pm .

Reading …


… Due to space limitations, K-8 assemblies are for students and staff only.)  Many thanks to Donna Finnegan, Lauren Carroll, and Sarah Gardner for their work in planning this special event.

Below is an update from Guidance Counselor and Young Scholars Program Mentor Rebecca Sneider:

We have started a Young Scholars Program at our school!  What is Young Scholars?  Young Scholars is an elementary school program that is modeled after the African-American Latino Scholars Program …