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Brookline Schools Calendar ’17-’18


…   Homework Center will not be in session on early release days. Please put these dates in your calendar:

Tues, Nov 14th : Grades K-6 will be released at 12:40pm

Wed, Nov 29th : Grade K-8 will be released at 12:40pm

Tues, Dec 5th : K-8 will be released at 12:40pm

Wed, Dec 13th : K-8 will be released at 12:40pm

The Public Schools of Brookline is working on revising the Health and Wellness policy. Amongst many things, the policy will include guidelines that will help our schools …


… is scheduled for Sat, Jan 27th,  6:45-9pm at Larz Anderson Skating Rink. Please update your calendars or if you subscribe to the Runkle Calendar it’s already there!

We hope to see you at our next PTO meeting this Tuesday and don’t forget our first early release for  conferences is also Tuesday at 12:40pm!

Have a great week!

Runkle PTO co-chairs Dorothy Charles, Amy Bacon and Sharon Brockmann

pto@runkle.org (pto null @ null runkle NULL.org)

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About the PTO

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… us!

STAY INFORMED. The school website includes student resources, news and events, the school calendar, recent and past editions of the Runkle News, and other messages from the school.

FUNDING. The PTO is also the primary source of fundraising for Runkle. Donations made to the PTO Annual Fund are allocated to a wide variety of community programs, enrichment activities and school improvements. To learn more about how funds are raised and dispersed join us for the PTO Budget meeting …