… School Community,

After our first School Site Council meeting earlier this month, our 2nd and 3rd grade teachers met to discuss Time on Learning and began to share what is expected for students to know and be able to do to prepare them for the next grade. This was the beginning of a useful conversation that our 2nd and 3rd grade team will continue during this school year. Teachers found it beneficial to talk about student learning and will continue to discuss the components in the day and …


PTO Annual Fund

On October 14, 2017 By

… learning experiences to Runkle’s students.

K – 8 Grade Family Math & Science Night

3rd Grade Techsploration Structure Workshops

4th Grade Astronomy Night at the Clay Center Observatory

5th Grade Math League: Kids compete in 3 town wide meets

5th Grade Techsploration Workshops, Simple machines

5th Grade Math Collaboration: solving puzzles as a group

6th Grade Math League: Kids compete in 3 town wide meets

6th Grade Techsploration, Electricity Workshops

6th Grade …


… as our new 1st grade classroom teacher, and that HANNAH KIMBALL COTE has been hired as our new 3rd grade classroom teacher.

Both of these educators are very well known to us here at Runkle School. Ms. Levine spent the first half of this school year as the lead teacher for Ms. Madden’s 2nd grade classroom, while Ms. Madden was on her maternity leave.  She has continued working in 2nd grade throughout the year, providing support to each of the three classrooms.  Ms. Levine did her …


… teaching 4th grade, will be returning to 5th grade, and John Strecker, currently teaching 3rd grade, will be returning to 4th grade.   These teachers had graciously switched grades in the past years as a result of the annual progression of our two-section cohort of students (our current 5th graders).

As a result of these developments, we are currently hiring for 1st grade and 3rd grade classroom teachers.  To date, we have received over 100 applications for each of these two …


… past week featured a Grades 3-5 Morning Meeting, led by our third grade team, which featured our 3rd graders sharing what they have learned about, and all of us celebrating, the life and accomplishments of Dr. Martin Lurther King, Jr.  The Morning Meeting concluded with Mr. Allyn leading the gathering through a rousing rendition of “Sing about the Dream of Martin Luther King”, a favorite of our retired music teacher Ms. Stephanie Gardner.

On another musical ‘note,’ the Runkle …