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THANK YOU to all the families who contributed to the PTO Annual Fund last year! With the support of over 200 families, we reached our goal of $60,000. Your participation really does matter!

Our goal this year is $60,000, and we ask that every Runkle family make a contribution. Gifts to the Annual Fund — no matter the size — demonstrate a commitment to our community and make a huge impact on your child’s Runkle experience.

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Where does your Annual Fund Contribution money go?

The following is a partial list of items that the PTO Annual Fund paid for last year, many of which are also planned for this year:

Math & Science Enrichment Programs for K-8 Grades offer unique learning experiences to Runkle’s students.

  • K – 8 Grade Family Math & Science Night
  • 3rd Grade Techsploration Structure Workshops
  • 4th Grade Astronomy Night at the Clay Center Observatory
  • 5th Grade Math League: Kids compete in 3 town wide meets
  • 5th Grade Techsploration Workshops, Simple machines
  • 5th Grade Math Collaboration: solving puzzles as a group
  • 6th Grade Math League: Kids compete in 3 town wide meets
  • 6th Grade Techsploration, Electricity Workshops
  • 6th Grade Math Collaboration: solving puzzles as a group
  • 7th Grade Math Counts: Training and competition within Runkle
  • 8th Grade Traffic Engineering Math Experience: using algebra to solve engineering problems
  • 8th Grade Math Counts: Training and Competition

PAAR (Performing Arts at Runkle) for K-8 Grades

  • K Grade The Pineapple Project
  • 1st Grade Chinese Ribbon Dancers
  • 2nd Grade Japanesse Taiko Drumming
  • 3rd Grade Science Structure Workshops
  • 4th Grade Native American Tipi Construction
  • 5th Grade MIT Wind Energy Workshop
  • 6th Grade Boston Improv
  • 7th Grade Midsummer Night’s Dream by Knighthorse Theatre
  • 8th Grade Romeo and Juliet by Shakespeare Now

Field Trips for 1–8 Grades:

  • 1st Grade Franklin Park Zoo
  • 2nd Grade Allandale Farm
  • 3rd Grade Plimoth Plantation
  • 4th Grade Lowell Mills
  • 5th Grade Minute Man National Park
  • 6th Grade Hale Reservation
  • 7th Grade Boda Borg
  • 8th Grade Boda Borg
  • RISE Ice Skating

PTO Grants

  • Exclusive Screening of Swim Team: Free for the Runkle Community in the Runkle Library
  • Applied Behavior Analysis Conference attended by RISE teacher for professional development
  • Scanner for Special Ed and ELL Teams to compile appropriate reading materials
  • Flexible classroom seating options for Grade 2
  • A class set of Rekenreks (abacuses) for Grade K-2
  • Math Literature for Grade 2
  • Literature material for classroom libraries to facillate discussions on Race and Different Cultures for Grade 4
  • Immigration Documentary Project for Grade 4
  • Runkle Cross Country & Track Team Shirts for Grades 5-8
  • Teen Panel from Planned Parenthood Speaker for Grades 7-8
  • Living with HIV Speaker for Grades 7-8

The Whole school benefits from:

  • $225 per classroom toward field trips
  • Recess equipment
  • Professional development for our educators
  • Teacher stipends
  • New teachers setting up new classrooms
  • Professional Spot Light for Multipurpose Room
  • Homework Centers after school for 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, and 8th grade students, 4 days a week
  • Playaways (individual audio books) and eReaders in the library for student borrowing
  • Library author visits for all grades
  • Math and Science Night
  • International Potluck Night
  • Candy House Decorating
  • Ice Skating Night
  • Music and Arts Festival
  • Guest speaker series for parents
  • The Online Family Directory
  • Green Team
  • Welcome Wagon

K-3rd Grades

  • Materials for teaching resilience to K-2nd graders
  • Outdoor explorations supplies for kindergarten
  • Eating through cultures to complement 2nd grade Social Studies
  • A visit from author-photographer Giles Laroche to the 3rd grade
  • Playaways (individual audio books) for the library for student borrowing

4th-5th Grades

  • Wingmasters “Native American Artifacts and Birds of Prey,” with live birds, for 4th grade
  • Homework Centers, which support 4th and 5th grade students with their work in a guided after school setting, up to 3 days each week
  • Student Organizers/Planners for every 5th grade student to help them prioritize class assignments and practice time management skills
  • eReaders for the library

6th-8th Grades

  • “Day of the Dead” trip to Harvard Peabody Museum for 7th and 8th grade Spanish class students
  • Homework Centers, which support 6th, 7th, and 8th grade students with their work in a guided after school setting, up to 3 days each week
  • Middle SchoolClubs (Art, Science, and Yoga) for 6th, 7th and 8th Graders
  • Student Organizers/Planners for every 6th, 7th, and 8th grader to help them prioritize class assignments and practice time management skills
  • A talk on eating disorders for 8th graders
  • Gaming Afternoon
  • Green Globs software for math enrichment

PTO Annual Fund also contributions to the Library Fund; office laminating machine supplies; web master; Runkle Newsletter; and many community events. Events such as Halloween Fair and Trivia & Bingo Night pay for themselves.

Want to do more for the Annual Fund?

AmazonSmile is a great way to raise money for the PTO when you shop at (http://amazon Simply click this PTO AmazonSmile (https://smile Link and you’ll be asked to confirm that you would like to support the “PTO Massachusetts Parent Teacher Runkle PTO.” After that whenever you shop at Amazon just point your browser to (http://smile and you’ll be raising money to help our school. Thank you.

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