MCAS 2.0

MCAS season starts this week (March 28th).  Please see the school calendar for specific dates and grades.  As shared with families earlier, MCAS has a somewhat different structure this year as the Commonwealth transitions to what it is calling “MCAS 2.0” for the 2016-2017 school year.

In addition to the typical Reading Comprehension sections, the ELA MCAS this year will also feature a narrative response to writing task for each grade level.  To make room for this new component (labeled as “ELA Part 2b” on the calendar), the Mass. Dept. of Education has shortened the second Reading Comprehension section for all grades, and it has also eliminated the “Composition” section which had been administered in Grades 4 & 7.

The results of Part 2b, which is a 60-minute timed test (untimed for students on IEPs), will not count towards your children’s MCAS scores this year.   More information about MCAS 2.0 can be found at (http://www NULL.doe NULL.mass


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