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WELCOME TO THE PTO. The Runkle PTO exists to support our children and teachers by overseeing and coordinating the academic enrichment activities and community building events our children experience at Runkle. All parents are members of the PTO and we strongly encourage you to participate. Your voice and suggestions are very welcome and your participation will enhance and better inform our Runkle community.

We’re all volunteers and we enthusiastically encourage all parents and guardians to join us: attend PTO meetings with the Principal (held at 8:05am in the cafeteria, generally on the first Tuesday of the month), stop by for coffee mornings, volunteer for PTO activities and share your great ideas and energy with us!

STAY INFORMED. The school website includes student resources, news and events, the school calendar, recent and past editions of the Runkle News, and other messages from the school.

FUNDING. The PTO is also the primary source of fundraising for Runkle. Donations made to the PTO Annual Fund are allocated to a wide variety of community programs, enrichment activities and school improvements. To learn more about how funds are raised and dispersed join us for the PTO Budget meeting each June. For tentative dates, please see the Runkle Calendar.

With the help of over 200 families the 2016-17 Runkle PTO Annual Fund raised $60,000 to support Runkle community programs including:

  • PAAR (Performing Arts at Runkle)
  • Subsidizing cost of school field trips
  • Teacher Stipends
  • Math and Science Night
  • Runkle PTO website
  • Astronomy Night
  • Candy House Decorating
  • Parent & Teacher Curriculum Grants
  • Runkle News Email Bulletin
  • Welcome Wagon for new families
  • Author and Illustrator visits
  • Field Trips
  • International Potluck Night
  • Runkle PTO Family Online Directory
  • Trivia & Bingo Night
  • Halloween Fair
  • Library books and e-Readers
  • Homework Centers
  • & many more!

For a more complete list of PTO Sponsored activities visit the PTO Annual Fund page.


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