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Who is John D. Runkle - Who is Martin Sleeper

The Martin Sleeper Library contains nearly 20,000 books, including audio books and books in spanish, for students from preschool through grade 8 as well as support materials for teacher and other staff. Access to all materials in the library is through a computerized card catalog.

Like all member libraries of the Minuteman Library Network and the Metrowest Regional Library System, the Runkle library has access to many on-line reference tools such as World Book On-Line, Infotrac Searchbank, Electric Library, the Boston Globe archives, and the Junior Reference Collection. We welcome students, staff and parents to use our resources at any time during the school day for set periods before and after school.

Library computers are used as information and communication tools, providing access to a wide variety of electronic resources.

John D. Runkle,was a former chairman of the Brookline School Committee and an early advocate of mathematics and technical education. He was also a founder and the second president of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. The present Runkle School building was dedicated in 1963. A new addition and playground were completed in 1988.

Dr. Martin Sleeper became the principal of the Runkle School in September, 1979. In 2000, he made the decision to retire. Seeking an appropriate way to honor Dr. Sleeper's love of scholarship and books, the Runkle parents and staff petitioned the Brookline school committee for the right to dedicate the library in his name. In June, 2000 the new plaque was hung over the library door, and the Runkle Library officially became The Martin Sleeper Library.

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