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Dear Brookline families:

Brookline is a community which values and promotes lifelong literacy. The town’s schools, libraries, and bookstores are places to discover new and familiar titles, to share understandings, and to grow as readers. We are pleased to introduce the most recent edition of the Brookline Public Schools Reading List K-8. The suggested titles represent our recommendations of quality titles to involve children in thoughtful and enjoyable year round reading.

We appreciate the work of the following members of the Brookline Public Schools Reading List Committee who researched titles and made final selections:

Barbara Scotto, 6th grade teacher, Driscoll School
Rosalind von Au, Librarian, Driscoll School,
Sheri Hesch, Children’s Librarian, Brookline Public Library,
Liz Mellett, Young Adult Librarian, Brookline Public Library,
Polly Cornblath, Community Liaison, Children’s Book Shop.

We hope that you will find the list a useful resource for sharing in your child’s reading experiences.

Guidelines for Use

1. The purpose of the Brookline Public Schools K-8 Reading List is to make recommendations of books for students to read throughout the year.The suggested titles represent literature that will involve children in thoughtful and enjoyable reading. Grade level designations represent general guidelines; children are encouraged to read widely. Books are chosen for the list to appeal to and challenge many types of readers. We hope that parents will guide their children’s choices.

2. Students should keep the Reading List easily accessible for use throughout the school year.

3. Most of the books on the Reading List are available at all Brookline Elementary School Libraries, Brookline Public Libraries, Boston Public Libraries, and local bookstores. Not all titles, however, will be available at all locations. Every effort has been made to include on the list many titles that are available in paperback in order to encourage parents to help each child to begin to build his/her own library.

4. The Reading List is divided into sections by grouping grade levels together as follows:
K-2, 3-4, 5-6, 7-8. Within each section, titles and authors are listed in specific categories covering various genres in fiction and different topics in non-fiction, as well as Books to Read Aloud, Picture Books for Older Readers, and Notable Books for each grade. Also included is a list of Pre-School Notable Books.

5. A special effort has been made to include in the Reading List those authors, illustrators and works which appear on “A Suggested List of Authors, Illustrators, or Works Reflecting Our Common Literary and Cultural Heritage” and the “Suggested List of Contemporary American Literature and World Literature” from the State of Massachusetts English Language Arts Curriculum Framework.

6. Since it is impossible to include every worthy title by some authors who have written many fine books, it is hoped that readers will consult with teachers and librarians for guidance concerning other possible titles to read by some of the more prolific writers.

7. It is hoped that parents will use the Reading List to share in their children’s reading experiences. This can be done by parents reading the books themselves, or by reading the books aloud with their children, and then talking about the books and exploring the ideas and questions that they raise.

Comments and suggestions on both the general function of the list and specific titles are welcomed by the Brookline Public Schools Reading List Committee members at any time.


Barbara Scotto, 6th Grade Teacher, Driscoll School
Rosalind von Au, Librarian, Driscoll School
Sheri Hesch, Children’s Librarian, Brookline Public Library
Liz Mellett,Young Adult Librarian, Brookline Public Library
Polly Cornblath, Community Liaison,Children’s Book Shop

Reading List Subjects

FICTION- Picture books for older readers

FICTION - Adventures
FICTION - Fantasy and Science Fiction
FICTION - Historical
NONFICTION - Biography and Autobiography
NONFICTION - Fairy Tales, Folklore, Legends and Mythology
NONFICTION - History, Science and Culture

7/8 FICTION - Picture Books for Older Readers - 7/8 FICTION

Author Title

Angelou, M. Life Doesn’t Frighten Me
Bunting, E. Smoky Night
Burleigh, R. Hoops
Claverie, J. Little Lou
Garland, M. Dinner at Magritte’s
Garland, S. I Never Knew Your Name
Hall, D. Milkman’s Boy
Hamanaka, S. Journey: Japanese Americans, Racism and Renewal
Hoestlandt, J. Star of Fear, Star of Hope
Innocenti, R. Rose Blanche
Johnston, T. Wagon
Kalman, M. Ooh-la-la (Max in Love) (series)
Lawrence, J. Great Migration
Lee, Milly Nim and the War Effort
Maruki, T. Hiroshima No Pika
Miller, W. Richard Wright and the Library Card
Myers, W. Harlem
Polacco, P. Pink and Say
Rosen, M. School for Pompey Walker
San Souci, R. Red Heels
Sendak, M. We Are All in the Dumps with Jack and Guy
Tsuchiya, Y. Faithful Elephants
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7/8 FICTION - Adventure - 7/8 FICTION

Author Title

Cross, G. Map of Nowhere
DeFelice, C. Weasel
Defoe, D. Robinson Crusoe
Farmer, N. Girl Named Disaster
George, J. Julie (series)
Hobbs, W. Downriver
Kipling, R. Kim
Levin, B. Brother Moose
London, J. Call of the Wild
Mazer, H. Last Mission
Mikaelson, B. Rescue Josh McGuire
Paulsen, G. Canyons
Popham, M. Skywater
Portis, C. True Grit
Schaeffer, J. Shane
Stevenson, R. Kidnapped
Taylor, T. Sniper
Verne, J. Around the World in Eighty Days
White, R. Deathwatch
Wynne-Jones, T. Maestro
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7/8 FICTION - Fantasy and Science Fiction- 7/8 FICTION

Author Title

Adams, D. Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy (series)
Adams, R. Watership Down
Ames, M. Anna to the Infinite Power
Anthony, P. Spell for Chameleon (series)
Asimov, I. First Foundation (series)
Bond, N. Another Shore
Bradbury, R. Something Wicked This Way Comes
Brooks, T. Sword of Shannara (series)
Clarke, A. Childhood’s End
Crews, G. Strange Objects
Crichton, M. Jurassic Park (series)
Cross, G. Pictures in the Dark
Dickinson, P. Eva
Garner, A. Owl Service
Hahn, M. Look for Me
Hamilton, V. Justice and her Brothers (series)
Hautman, P. Mr. Was
Heinlein, R. Stranger in a Strange Land
Herbert, F. Dune (series)
Hill, D. Exiles of Colsec
Hilton, J. Lost Horizon
Hudson, W. Green Mansions
Hughes, M. Keeper of the Isis Light (series)
Huxley, A. Brave New World
Jacques, B. Mossflower (series)
Jones, D. Archer’s Goon
Kindl, P. Owl in Love
Klause, A. Silver Kiss
Lawrence, L. Calling B for Butterfly
LeGuin, U. Left Hand of Darkness
Lewis, C.S. Out of the Silent Planet (series)
Maguire, G. I Feel Like the Morning Star
Mahy, M. Tricksters
McCaffrey, A. Dragonriders of Pern (series)
McKinley, R. Hero and the Crown (series)
Napoli, D. Zel
Newman, S. Guinevere
Nix, G. Sabriel
Paton Walsh, J. Chance Child
Paulsen, G. Dogsong
Peck, R. Ghost Belonged to Me (series)
Pierce, M. Dark Angel (series)
Pierce, T. Alanna, the First Adventure (series)
Pratchett, T. Truckers (series)
Pullman, P. Subtle Knife (series)
Shelley, M. Frankenstein
Sleator, W. Interstellar Pig
Swift, J. Gulliver’s Travels
Vande Velde, V. Companions of the Night
Verne, J. Mysterious Island
Voigt, C. Wings of a Falcon (series)
Wells, H. Time Machine
Westall, R. Devil on the Road
Zahn, T. Coming of Age
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7/8 FICTION - Historical Fiction - 7/8 FICTION

Author Title

Aiken, J. Midnight Is a Place
Avi Beyond the Western Sea (series)
Beatty, P. Charley Skedaddle
Benchley, N. Only Earth and Sky Last Forever
Berry, J. Ajeemah and his Sons
Blos, J. Gathering of Days
Bradshaw, G. Hawk of May
Collier, J. My Brother Sam Is Dead
Clapp, A. Tamarack Tree
Conrad, P. Prairie Songs
Cooper, J. Last of the Mohicans
Curtis, C. Watsons Go to Birmingham - 1963
Cushman, K. Ballad of Lucy Whipple
Defelice, C, Apprenticeship of Lucas Whittaker
Deford, F. Enemy Among Them
DeJong, M. House of Sixty Fathers
Denenberg, B. When Will This Cruel War Be Over? (series)
Dorris, M. Sees Behind Trees
Farber, N. Mercy Short
Fast, H. April Morning
Fleischman, P. Saturnalia
Frank, J. No Hero for the Kaiser
Gaines, E. Autobiography of Miss Jane Pittman
Gedge, P. Child of the Morning
Hahn, M. Stepping on the Cracks
Hansen, J. Captive
Hesse, K. Out of the Dust
Holub, J. Robber and Me
Hudson, J. Sweetgrass
Hunt, I. Across Five Aprils
Jenkins, L. Honorable Prison
Keith, H. Rifles for Watie
Lasky, K. Bone Wars
Levitin, S. Return
Lisle, J. Sirens and Spies
Moore, Y. Freedom Songs
Myers, W. Glory Field
Nelson, T. And One for All
Newth, M. Abduction
O’Dell, S. Streams to the River, Rivers to the Sea
Napoli, D. Stones in Water
Orlev, U. Man from the Other Side
Paterson, K. Lyddie
Paton Walsh, J. Fireweed
Paulsen, G. Nightjohn (series)
Peck, R. Voices After Midnight
Petry, A. Tituba of Salem Village
Remarque, E. All Quiet on the Western Front
Reeder, C. Shades of Gray
Richter, C. Light in the Forest
Richter, H. Friedrich
Rinaldi, A. Hang a Thousand Trees with Ribbons
Rostkowski, M. After the Dancing Days
Rylant, C. I Had Seen Castles
Schami, R. Handful of Stars
Schur, M. Circle Maker
Sutcliff, R. Flame-Colored Taffeta
Taylor, M. Let the Circle Be Unbroken (series)
Tunis, J. His Enemy, His Friend
Uchida, Y. Picture Bride
Vos, I. Hide and Seek
Westall, R. Blitzcat
Yep, L. Serpent’s Children
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7/8 FICTION - Humor - 7/8 FICTION

Author Title

Bauer, J. Squashed
Block, F. Weetzie Bat (series)
Danziger, P. Remember Me to Harold Square
Fine, A. Book of the Banshee
Henry, O. Ransom of Red Chief
Koertge, R. Harmony Arms
Korman, G. Losing Joe’s Place
McCrumb, S. Bimbos of the Death Sun
Peyton, K. Who Sir, Me Sir?
Pinkwater, J. Buffalo Brenda
Townsend, S. Secret Diary of Adrian Mole (series)
Wyss, T. Here in the Scenic-Vu Motel
Zindel, P. My Darling, My Hamburger
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7/8 FICTION - Mystery Stories - 7/8 FICTION

Author Title

Aiken, J. Whisper in the Night
Alcock, V. Trial of Anna Cotman
Bennett, J. Birthday Murderer
Bunting, E. Haunting of Safe-Keep
Charbonneau, I. Ghosts of Stony Clove
Christie, A. And Then There Were None
Cooney, C. Terrorist
Dexter, C. I Dream of Murder
Doyle, A. Adventures of Sherlock Holmes
DuMaurier, D. Rebecca
Duncan, L. Killing Mr. Griffin
Francis, D. Bonecrack
Green, T. Twilight Boy
Guy, R. Disappearance
Hahn, M. Dead Man in Indian Creek
Hambly, B. Those Who Hunt the Night
Jackson, S. Haunting of Hill House
Kerr, M. Fell (series)
King, L. Beekeeper’s Apprentice (series)
Langton, J. Memorial Hall Murder (series)
Lawrence, L. Dram Road
Levitin, S. Incident at Loring Groves
Miller, F. Truth Trap (series)
Nixon, J. Specter
Peters, E. Morbid Taste for Bones (series)
Peyton, K. Prove Yourself a Hero
Pullman, P. Ruby in the Smoke (series)
Reiss, K. Dreadful Sorry
Roberts, W. Twisted Summer
Sykes, S. For Mike
Taylor, T. Weirdo
Tey, J. Brat Farrar
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7/8 FICTION - Realistic Fiction - 7/8 FICTION

Author Title

Alcott, L. Jo’s Boys (series)
Austen, J. Pride and Prejudice
Avi Nothing But the Truth
Baldwin, J. If Beale Street Could Talk
Bauer, M. Face to Face
Bond, N. Place to Come Back To (series)
Bronte, E. Wuthering Heights
Brooks, B. Midnight Hour Encores
Buck, P. Good Earth
Childress, A. Hero Ain’t Nothin’ but a Sandwich
Cisneros, S. House on Mango Street
Cole, B. Celine
Coman, C. What Jamie Saw
Cooney, C. Driver’s Ed
Cormier, R. After the First Death
Craven, M. I Heard the Owl Call my Name
Creech, S. Chasing Redbird
Crew, G. Angel’s Gate
Cross, G. Chartbreaker
Davis, J. Sex Education
Deaver, J. Say Goodnight, Gracie
Dickens, C. Great Expectations
Dickinson, P. AK
Doherty, B. White Peak Farm
Dorris, M. Window
Fine, A, Tulip Touch
Forman, J. Fine Soft Day
Fox, P. Eagle Kite
Freeman, J. Cuckoo’s Child
Godden, R. Thursday’s Children
Gordon, S. Waiting for the Rain
Greene, B. Them That Glitter and Them That Don’t
Guy, R. Edith Jackson (series)
Hamilton, V. Plain City
Hemingway, E. Old Man and the Sea
Henkes, K. Protecting Marie
Hicyilmaz, G. Against the Storm
Hinton, S. That Was Then, This Is Now
Holland, I. Man without a Face
Hudson, J. Sweetgrass
Johnson, A. Toning the Sweep
Kerr, M. Deliver Us from Evie
Kincaid, J. Annie John
Kipling, R. Kim
Knowles, J. Separate Peace
Koertge, R. Arizona Kid
L’Engle, M. Arm of the Starfish
Lasky, K. Pageant
LeGuin, U. Very Far Away from Anywhere Else
Lester, J. Othello
Mahy, M. Catalogue of the Universe
Marsden, J. Letters from the Inside
Martinez, V. Parrot in the Oven: Mi Vida
Mazer, N. After the Rain
Mohr, N. In Nueva York
Montgomery, L. Emily of New Moon (series)
Mori, K. Shizuko’s Daughter
Myers, W. Somewhere in the Darkness
Naidoo, B. Chain of Fire
Nelson, T. Earthshine
Nolan, H. Dancing on the Edge
Nye, N. Habibi
O’Neal, Z. In Summer Light
Paton Walsh, J. Unleaving (series)
Paulsen, G. Winter Room
Peck, R. Day No Pigs Would Die (series)
Pei, L. Family Resemblances
Phipson, J. Hit and Run
Plummer, L. My Name Is Su5san Smith. The 5 Is Silent
Potok, C. Chosen
Rodowsky, C. Remembering Mog
Rylant, C. Fine White Dust
Salinger, J. Catcher in the Rye
Schami, R. Handful of Stars
Shange, N. Betsy Brown
Smith, D. Tree Grows in Brooklyn
Staples, S. Dangerous Skies
Steinbeck, J. Of Mice and Men
Tarkington, B. Penrod (series)
Temple, F. Taste of Salt
Thesman, J. Cattail Moon
Voigt, C. Izzy Willy-Nilly
Walter, M. Trouble’s Child
Woodson, J. House You Pass on the Way
Wolff, V. Make Lemonade
Zindel, P. Pigman
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7/8 FICTION - Short Stories - 7/8 FICTION

Author Title

Bauer, M. Am I Blue?
Berry, J. Thief in the Village
Carlson, L. Where Angels Glide at Dawn
Crutcher, C. Athletic Shorts
Dickinson, P. Lion Tamer’s Daughter and Other Stories
Ehrlich, A. When I Was Your Age
Fleischman, P. Coming and Going Men
Gallo, D. Visions
Haas, E. The Sixth Sense
Harte, B. Luck of the Roaring Camp and Other Stories
Herriot, J. Animal Stories
McKinley, R. Knot in the Grain and Other Stories
Ortiz Cofer, J. Island Like You
Poe, E. Tales of Mystery and Terror
Rochman, H. Leaving Home: Stories
Wilson, B. Leaving
Yep, L. Tales from Gold Mountain
Yolen, J. Vampires
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7/8 FICTION - Sports - 7/8 FICTION

Author Title

Bloor, E. Tangerine
Brooks, B. Moves Make the Man
Crutcher, C. Ironman
Deuker, C. On the Devil’s Court
Duder, T. In Lane Three, Alex Archer (series)
Dygard, T. Rebound Caper
Klass, D. Wrestling with Honor
Knudson, R. Zan Hagen’s Marathon
Korman, G. Chicken Doesn’t Skate
Levy, M. Run for Your Life
Lipsyte, R. Brave (series)
Lynch, C. Slot Machine
Murrow, L. Twelve Days in August (series)
Myers, W. Slam!
Naughton, J. My Brother Stealing Second
Soto, G. Taking Sides
Spinelli, J. There’s a Girl in my Hammerlock
Tunis, J. Keystone Kids
Voigt, C. Runner
Wallace, R. Wrestling Sturbridge
Wells, R. When No One Was Looking
Wolff, V. Bat 6
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7/8 NONFICTION - Biography and Autobiography - 7/8 NONFICTION

Author Title

Allen, P. As Long as the Rivers Flow: Nine Native Americans
Beals, M. Warriors Don’t Cry
Bober, N. Thomas Jefferson
Canada, G. Fist Stick Knife Gun
Cleary, B. Girl from Yamhill
Dahl, R. Going Solo
Dash, J. Triumph of Discovery
Durrell, G. My Family and Other Animals
Filipovic, Z. Zlata’s Diary
Finkelstein, N. With Heroic Truth: The Life of Edward R. Murrow
Frank, A. Diary of a Young Girl
Freedman, R. Life and Death of Crazy Horse
Giblin, J. Charles Lindbergh: A Human Hero
Gilbreth, F. Cheaper by the Dozen
Goodwin, D. Wait Till Next Year
Harrison, B. Twilight Struggle: . Life of John Fitzgerald Kennedy
Haskins, J. Bayard Rustin
Henry, S. One Woman’s Power
Herriot, J. All Creatures Great and Small
Hodges, M. Making a Difference
Huynh, Q. Land I Lost: Adventures of a Boy in Vietnam
Jaspersohn, W. Senator: Bill Bradley
Jiang, Ji-Li Red Scarf Girl
Kennedy, J. Profiles in Courage
Lazo, C. Rigoberta Menchu
Lewin, T. I Was a Teenage Professional Wrestler
Lyons, M. Sorrow’s Kitchen: Zora Neal Hurston
Marrin, A. Unconditional Surrender:US Grant and the Civil War
McKissack, P. Sojourner Truth: Ain’t I a Woman?
Meigs, C. Invincible Louisa
Meltzer, M. Tom Paine
Myers, W. Toussaint L’Ouverture
Paulsen, G. Woodsong
Rylant, C. But I’ll Be Back Again
Shiels, M. Winners: Women and the Nobel Prize
Stanley, D. Charles Dickens: . . . Who Had Great Expectations
Steinbeck, J. Travels with Charley
Sutcliff, R. Blue Remembered Hills
Tillage, L. Leon’s Story
Westall, R. Children of the Blitz
Wilson, E. Margaret Fuller: Bluestocking, Romantic . . .
Zindel, P. Pigman and Me
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Author Title

Davis, O. Langston
Fry, C. Lady’s Not for Burning
Gershe, L. Butterflies Are Free
Gibson, W. Miracle Worker
Hansberry, L. Raisin in the Sun
Lamb, W. Sparks in the Park
Lawrence, J. Inherit the Wind
Luce, W. Belle of Amherst
McCullers, C. Member of the Wedding
Miller, A. Crucible
Shakespeare, W. Much Ado About Nothing
Wilder, T. Our Town
Zindel, P. Effect of Gamma Rays on Man-in-the-Moon
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7/8 NONFICTION - Fairytales, Folktales, Legends and Mythology- 7/8 NONFICTION

Author Title

Bierhorst, J. Girl Who Married a Ghost
Bruchac, J. Flying With the Eagle, Racing with the Great Bear
Erdoes, R. American Indian Myths and Legends
Hamilton, V. People Could Fly
Highwater, J. Anpao
Hooks, W. Ballad of Belle Dorcas
Lester, J. Tales of Uncle Remus (series)
Lyons, M. Raw Head, Bloody Bones
Norman, H. Girl Who Dreamed Only Geese
Rogasky, B. Golem
San Souci, R. Faithful Friend
Sanderson, R. Pappa Gatto
Schroeder, A. Smoky Mountain Rose
Shepard, Sea King’s Daughter
Willard / Moser Beauty and the Beast
Yep, L. Tongues of Jade
Yolen, J. Favorite Folktales from Around the World
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7/8 NONFICTION - History, Science and Culture - 7/8 NONFICTION

Author Title

Ashabranner, B. Strange and Distant Shore
Bachrach, S. Tell Them We Remember: . . . The Holocaust
Bartoletti, S. Growing Up in Coal Country
Blais, M. In These Girls Hope Is a Muscle
Blumberg, R. Full Steam Ahead
Callahan, S. Adrift
Costecalde, C. DK Illustrated Family Bible
Cox, C. Undying Glory
Feelings, T. Middle Passage
Finkelstein, N. 13 Days, 90 Miles
Fradin, D. We Have Conquered Pain: Discovery of Anesthesia
Freedman, R. Kids at Work: Lewis Hine and . . . Child Labor
Giblin, J. When Plague Strikes
Hampton, W. Kennedy Assassinated!
Haskins, J. Black Dance in America
Jaffe, S. Who Were the Founding Fathers?
Lauber, P. Hurricanes: Earth’s Mightiest Storms
Lord, W. Night to Remember
Macy, S. Whole New Ball Game
Marrin, A. Empires Lost and Won: The Spanish Heritage Mochizuki, K. Passage to Freedom: The Sugihara Story
Monceaux, M. Jazz, My Music, My People
Murphy, J. Across America on an Emigrant Train
Myers, W. Now Is Your Time
Rappaport, D. American Women: Their Lives in their Words
Sobel, D. Longitude
Zeinert, K. Amistad Slave Revolt
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Author Title

Adoff. A. I Am the Darker Brother
Agard, J. Life Doesn’t Frighten Me at All
Angelou, M. And Still I Rise
Carlson, L. Cool Salsa: Bilingual Poems
Elledge, S. Wider Than the Sky
Giovanni, N. Shimmy, Shimmy, Shimmy Like My Sister Kate
Glenn, M. Class Dismissed
Gordon, R. Peeling the Onion
Harrison, M. Peace and War: A Collection of Poems
Janeczko, P. I Feel a Little Jumpy around You
Knudson, R. American Sports Poems
McCullough, F. Love Is Like the Lion’s Tooth
Merriam, E. Inner City Mother Goose
Nye, N. Space Between Our Footsteps
Panzer, N. Celebrate America in Poetry and Art
Plotz, H. Imagination’s Other Place
Rosenberg, L. Invisible Ladder
Rylant, C. Something Permanent
Sullivan, C. Children of Promise
Whitman / Hopkins Voyages
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Author Title

Alcott, L. Little Women
Bober, N. Abigail Adams
Cormier, R. Chocolate War
Forbes, E. Johnny Tremain
Freedman, R. Lincoln, A Photobiography
Hamilton, V. Sweet Whispers, Brother Rush
Hinton, S.E. Outsiders
LeGuin, U. Wizard of Earthsea
L’Engle, M. Ring of Endless Light
Mahy, M. Changeover
Myers, W. Scorpions
Pullman, P. Golden Compass
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