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Dear Brookline families:

Brookline is a community which values and promotes lifelong literacy. The town’s schools, libraries, and bookstores are places to discover new and familiar titles, to share understandings, and to grow as readers. We are pleased to introduce the most recent edition of the Brookline Public Schools Reading List K-8. The suggested titles represent our recommendations of quality titles to involve children in thoughtful and enjoyable year round reading.

We appreciate the work of the following members of the Brookline Public Schools Reading List Committee who researched titles and made final selections:

Barbara Scotto, 6th grade teacher, Driscoll School
Rosalind von Au, Librarian, Driscoll School,
Sheri Hesch, Children’s Librarian, Brookline Public Library,
Liz Mellett, Young Adult Librarian, Brookline Public Library,
Polly Cornblath, Community Liaison, Children’s Book Shop.

We hope that you will find the list a useful resource for sharing in your child’s reading experiences.

Guidelines for Use

1. The purpose of the Brookline Public Schools K-8 Reading List is to make recommendations of books for students to read throughout the year.The suggested titles represent literature that will involve children in thoughtful and enjoyable reading. Grade level designations represent general guidelines; children are encouraged to read widely. Books are chosen for the list to appeal to and challenge many types of readers. We hope that parents will guide their children’s choices.

2. Students should keep the Reading List easily accessible for use throughout the school year.

3. Most of the books on the Reading List are available at all Brookline Elementary School Libraries, Brookline Public Libraries, Boston Public Libraries, and local bookstores. Not all titles, however, will be available at all locations. Every effort has been made to include on the list many titles that are available in paperback in order to encourage parents to help each child to begin to build his/her own library.

4. The Reading List is divided into sections by grouping grade levels together as follows:
K-2, 3-4, 5-6, 7-8. Within each section, titles and authors are listed in specific categories covering various genres in fiction and different topics in non-fiction, as well as Books to Read Aloud, Picture Books for Older Readers, and Notable Books for each grade. Also included is a list of Pre-School Notable Books.

5. A special effort has been made to include in the Reading List those authors, illustrators and works which appear on “A Suggested List of Authors, Illustrators, or Works Reflecting Our Common Literary and Cultural Heritage” and the “Suggested List of Contemporary American Literature and World Literature” from the State of Massachusetts English Language Arts Curriculum Framework.

6. Since it is impossible to include every worthy title by some authors who have written many fine books, it is hoped that readers will consult with teachers and librarians for guidance concerning other possible titles to read by some of the more prolific writers.

7. It is hoped that parents will use the Reading List to share in their children’s reading experiences. This can be done by parents reading the books themselves, or by reading the books aloud with their children, and then talking about the books and exploring the ideas and questions that they raise.

Comments and suggestions on both the general function of the list and specific titles are welcomed by the Brookline Public Schools Reading List Committee members at any time.


Barbara Scotto, 6th Grade Teacher, Driscoll School
Rosalind von Au, Librarian, Driscoll School
Sheri Hesch, Children’s Librarian, Brookline Public Library
Liz Mellett,Young Adult Librarian, Brookline Public Library
Polly Cornblath, Community Liaison,Children’s Book Shop

Reading List Subjects

Read Aloud

FICTION - Adventures
FICTION - Fantasy and Science Fiction
FICTION - Historical
NONFICTION - Biography and Autobiography
NONFICTION - Fairy Tales, Folklore, Legends and Mythology
NONFICTION - History, Science and Culture

5/6 - Books for Families to Read Aloud - 5/6

Author Title

Adams, R. Watership Down
Anno Anno’s Aesop
Carroll, L. Alice in Wonderland
Dodge, M. Hans Brinker and the Silver Skates
Grahame, K. Wind in the Willows
Hite, S. Dither Farm (series)
Hoban, R. Mouse and His Child
Holling, H. Paddle-to-the-Sea
Irving / Rackham Legend of Sleepy Hollow
Jarrell, R. Animal Family
Juster, N. Alberic the Wise
Kipling, R. Jungle Books
Philip, N. Odin’s Family
Pilling, A. Kingfisher Children’s Bible
Pringle, L. Extraordinary Life: The Story of a Monarch Butterfly
Pyle, H. Merry Adventures of Robin Hood
Ransome, A. Swallows and Amazons (series)
Rawlings, M. Yearling
Salten, F. Bambi
Schur, M. When I Left My Village
Scieszka, J. Math Curse
Singer, I.B. Stories for Children
Spyri, J. Heidi
Sutcliff, R. Black Ships Before Troy (series)
Thurber, J. Great Quillow
Twain, M. Prince and the Pauper
Verne, J. Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea
Warren, S. Orphan Train Rider
White, T.H. Once and Future King
Wyss, J. Swiss Family Robinson
Yolen, J. Favorite Folk Tales from around the World
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5/6 FICTION - Adventure - 5/6 FICTION

Author Title

Aiken, J. Cold Shoulder Road (series)
Alcock, V. Travelers by Night
Alexander, L. Illyrian Adventure (series)
Avi Windcatcher
Cottonwood, J. Adventures of Boone Barnaby
Fleischman, P. Half-A-Moon Inn
Fleischman, S. Ghost in the Noonday Sun
Garfield, L. Footsteps
George, J. My Side of the Mountain (series)
Hill, K. Tough Boy and Sister (series)
Hobbs, W. Ghost Canoe
Houston, J. Frozen Fire
Lindgren, A. Ronia, the Robber’s Daughter

Mazer, H. Island Keeper
Mikaelson, B. Stranded
Nelson, T. Devil Storm
Paulsen, G. Brian’s Winter (series)
Skurzynski, G. Lost in the Devil’s Desert
Stevenson, R.L. Treasure Island
Taylor, T. Cay (series)
Thiele, C. Shadow Shark
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5/6 FICTION - Animals - 5/6 FICTION

Author Title

Armstrong, W. Sounder
Bagnold, E. National Velvet
Bawden, N. Henry
Boston, L. Stranger at Green Knowe
Burnford, S. Incredible Journey
Byars, B. Midnight Fox
Coatsworth, E. Cat Who Went to Heaven
Crisp, M. Buzzard Breath
Cross, G. Great American Elephant Chase
George, J. Shark Beneath the Reef
Gipson, F. Old Yeller
Henry, M. King of the Wind
Kjelgaard, J. Big Red
Knight, E. Lassie Come Home
Levin, B. Gift Horse
Morley, W. Gentle Ben
Napoli, D. Bravest Thing
North, S. Wolfling
Rawls, W. Where the Red Fern Grows
Sewell, A. Black Beauty
Spinelli, J. Wringer
Steinbeck, J. Red Pony
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5/6 FICTION - Fantasy and Science Fiction - 5/6 FICTION

Author Title

Alcock, V. Singer to the Sea God
Alexander, L. Iron Ring
Babbitt, N. Eyes of the Amaryllis
Boston, L. Children of Green Knowe (series)
Brittain, B. Dr. Dredd’s Dragon of Wonders (series)
Cameron, E. Court of the Stone Children
Christopher, J. White Mountains (series)

Clapp, P. Jane-Emily
Clarke, P. Return of the Twelves
Conly, J. Racso and the Rats of NIMH (series)
Conrad, P. Stonewords (series)
Cooper, S. Boggart (series)
Davies, A. Conrad’s War
Dexter, C. Alien Game
Duane, D. Deep Wizardry (series)
Fletcher, S. Dragon’s Milk (series)
Furlong, M. Wise Child ((series)
Harris, G. Prince of the Godborn (series)
Hoover, H. This Time of Darkness
Jaques, B. Redwall (series)
Jones, D. Lives of Christopher Chant
Juster, N. Phantom Tollbooth
Kaye, M. Ordinary Princess
Kendall, C. Gammage Cup (series)
Levine, G. Ella Enchanted
Lisle, J. Gold Dust Letters (series)
Lively, P. Ghost of Thomas Kempe
MacDonald, G. At the Back of the North Wind
Mahy, M. Dangerous Spaces
McCaffrey, A. Dragonsong (series)
McGraw, E. Moorchild
McKillip, P. Riddle Master of Hed (series)
McKinley,R. Beauty
Norton, A. Jargoon Pard
O’Shea, P. Hounds of the Morrigan
Park, R. Playing Beatie Bow
Paton Walsh, Jill Green Book
Pearce, P. Tom’s Midnight Garden
Pope, M. Perilous Gard
Regan, D. Princess Nevermore
Rubinstein, G. Beyond the Labyrinth (series)
Sleator, W. Singularity
Stewart, M. Crystal Cave (series)
Turner, M. Thief
Wangerin, W. Book of the Dun Cow (series)
White. T. Once and Future King
Winthrop, E. Castle in the Attic (series)
Wrede, P. Dealing with Dragons (series)
Wrightson, P. Older Kind of Magic
Yep, L. Dragon of the Lost Sea (series)
Yolen, J. Passager (series)
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5/6 FICTION - Historical - 5/6 FICTION

Author Title

Avi Something Upstairs
Baillie, A. Little Brother
Bawden, N. Carrie’s War
Bunting, E. S.O.S. Titanic
Conrad, P. My Daniel
Cooper, S. Dawn of Fear
Cushman, K. Catherine, Called Birdy
deAngeli, M. Door in the Wall
DeFelice, C. Weasel
Dorris, M. Guests
Giff, P. Lily’s Crossing
Glassman, J. Morning Glory War
Graham, H. Boy and His Bear
Gray, E. Adam of the Road
Gregory, K. Winter of Red Snow:...Diary of Abigail Jane Stewart
Hahn, M. Stepping on the Cracks (series)
Hall, D. When Willard Met Babe Ruth
Hansen, J. Which Way Freedom?
Haugaard, E. Samurai’s Tale (series)
Kelly, E. Trumpeter of Krakow
Konigsburg, E. Proud Taste for Scarlet and Miniver
Levitin, S. Escape from Egypt
Magorian, M. Goodnight, Mr. Tom
McGraw, E. Golden Goblet
Namioka, L. Valley of the Broken Cherry Trees
O’Dell, S. Road to Damietta
Orlev, U. Lydia, Queen of Palestine
Paterson, K. Master Puppeteer
Paton Walsh, J. Parcel of Patterns
Salisbury, G. Under the Blood-Red Sun
Semel, N. Becoming Gershona
Skurzynski, G. What Happened in Hamelin
Speare, E. Witch of Blackbird Pond
Stolz, M. Bartholemew’s Fair
Taylor, M. Friendship (series)
Temple, F. Ramsey Scallop (series)
Uchida, Y. Journey to Topaz (series)
Watkins, Y. My Brother, My Sister and I (series)
Westall, R. Machine Gunners
Yep, L. Star Fisher
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5/6 FICTION - Humor - FICTION 5/6

Author Title

Byars, B. Bingo Brown and the Language of Love (series)
Clements, A. Frindle
Cresswell, H. Ordinary Jack (series)
Feiffer, J. Man on the Ceiling
Fitzgerald, J. Great Brain (series)
Fleischman, S. Humbug Mountain
Jennings, P. Faith and the Electric Dogs
Korman, G. Twinkie Squad
Mahy, M. Pirates’ Mixed-Up Voyage: Dark Doings . . .
Merrill, J. Pushcart War
Naylor, P. Alice in Rapture, Sort Of (series)
Peck, R. Soup (series)
Pinkwater, D. Snarkout Boys and the Baconburg Horror (series)
Sachar, L. Sideways Stories from the Wayside School (series)
Soto, G. Pool Party
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5/6 FICTION - Mystery Stories - FICTION 5/6

Author Title

Avi Man Who Was Poe
Babbitt, N. Goody Hall
Bunting, E. Coffin on a Case
Byars, B. Dead Letter (series)
Cooney, C. Face on the Milk Carton (series)
DeFelice, C. Light on Hogback Hill
George, J. Who Really Killed Cock Robin? (series)
Hahn, M. Wait Till Helen Comes
Hamilton, V. House of Dies Drear (series)
Hilgartner, B. Murder for Her Majesty
Howe, J. Stage Fright (series)
Klause, A. Alien Secrets
Naylor, P. Bodies in the Besseldorf Hotel (series)
Newman, R. Case of the Baker Street Irregulars (series)
Nixon, J. Murdered, My Sweet
Raskin, E. Westing Game
Roberts, W. Kidnappers
Snyder, Z. Famous Stanley Kidnapping Case
Stevenson, J. Bones in the Cliff (series)
Tate, E. Secret of Gumbo Grove
Voigt, C. Vandemark Mummy
Wells, R. Man in the Woods
Wright, B. Dollhouse Murders
Yep, L. Case of the Goblin Pearls
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5/6 FICTION - Picture Books for Older Readers - FICTION 5/6

Author Title

Aliki Medieval Feast
Andersen / Barrett Emperor’s New Clothes
Baylor, B. I’m in Charge of Celebrations
Baillie, A. Rebel
Bunting, E. Fly Away Home
Christiansen, C. Ice Horse
Cooney, B. Hattie and the Wild Waves
Cushman, D. Mystery of King Karfu
Davol, M. Paper Dragon
Heide, F. Sami and the Time of Troubles
Johnston, T. Ghost of Nicholas Greebe
Kurtz, J. Only a Pigeon
Macaulay, D. Rome Antics
Merrill, J. Girl Who Loved Caterpillars
Polacco, P. I Can Hear the Sun
Price, L. Aida
Scieszka, J. True Story of the Three Little Pigs
Sis, Peter Three Golden Keys
San Souci, R. Nicholas Pipe
Steptoe, J. Mufaro’s Beautiful Daughters
Swope, S. Araboolies of Liberty Street
Van Allsburg, C. Sweetest Fig
Wisniewski, D. Warrior and the Wise Man
Yolen, J. Letting Swift River Go
Zelinsky, P. Maid, The Mouse and the Odd-Shaped House
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5/6 FICTION - Realistic Fiction - FICTION 5/6

Author Title

Adler, C. Goodbye, Pink Pig (series)
Alcock, V. Cuckoo Sister
Bawden, N. Granny the Pag
Blume, J. Here’s to You, Rachel Robinson
Boyd, C. Chevrolet Saturdays
Brooks, B. Everywhere
Byars, B. Summer of the Swans
Cameron, E. Room Made of Windows (series)
Cassedy, S. Lucie Babbidge’s House
Cleary, B. Dear Mr. Henshaw
Cleaver, V. Where the Lilies Bloom
Conly, J. Crazy Lady
Creech, S. Absolutely Normal Chaos
Ellis, S. Family Project
Fenner, C. Yolanda’s Genius
Fine, A. My War with Goggle Eyes
Fleischman, P. Seedfolks
Fox, P. Monkey Island

Godden, R. Premlata and the Festival of Lights
Greene, B. Summer of my German Soldier
Guy, R. Paris, Pee Wee and Big Dog
Hickman, J. Jericho
Ho, M. Clay Marble
Holman, F. Slake’s Limbo
Konigsburg, E. View from Saturday
Laird, E. Kiss the Dust
L’Engle, M. Meet the Austins (series)
Lisle, J. Afternoon of the Elves
Little, Jean Mama’s Going to Buy You a Mockingbird
Lowry, L. Anastasia Krupnik (series)
MacLachlan, P. Baby
Mahy, M. Underrunners
Montgomery, L. Anne of Green Gables (series)
Myers, W. Mouse Rap
Nesbit, E. Railway Children
Paterson, K. Park’s Quest
Paulsen, G. Harris and Me: A Summer Remembered
Pearce, P. Way to Sattin Shore
Rylant, C. Missing May
Slepian, J. Broccoli Tapes
Snyder, Z. Headless Cupid
Spinelli, J. Maniac Magee
Stolz, M. Dog on Barkham Street
Streatfield, N. Ballet Shoes (series)
Temple, F. Grab Hands and Run
Vail, R. Daring to be Abigail
Voigt, C. Bad Girls (series)
White, R. Belle Prater’s Boy
Woodson, J. Last Summer with Maizon (series)
Woolf, V. Mozart Season
Yarborough, C. Shimmershine Queens
Yumoto, K. Friends
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5/6 FICTION - Short Stories - FICTION 5/6

Author Title

Avi What do Fish Have to Do with Anything?
Berry, J. Future-Telling Lady
Conrad, P. Our House: The Stories of Levittown
Gantos, J. Jack’s New Power
Haas, E. Sixth Sense
McKissack, P. Dark Thirty
Rosen, M. Heart Is Big Enough
Rylant, C. Every Living Thing
Soto, G. Baseball in April

Strete, C. Bleeding Man and Other Science Fiction Stories
Turner, M. Instead of Three Wishes
Vande Velde, V. Tales from the Brothers Grimm and the Sisters Weird
Wynne-Jones, T. Some of the Kinder Planets
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5/6 FICTION - Sports - FICTION 5/6

Author Title

Avi S.O.R. Losers
Bauer, J. Sticks
Dygard, T. Forward Pass
Hite, S. Even Break
Howe, J. Race of the Radical
Hughes, D. Team Picture (series)
Knudson, R. Zanbanger
Korman, G. Toilet Paper Tigers
Lynch, C. Shadow Boxer
Napoli, D. On Guard
Shreve, S. Goalie
Slote, A. Finding Buck McHenry
Spinelli, J. Crash
Tunis, J. High Pockets
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5/6 NONFICTION - Biography and Autobiography - 5/6 NONFICTION

Author Title

Aliki King’s Day
Barth, E. I’m Nobody. Who Are You?
Brewster, H. Anastasia’s Album
Dahl, R. Boy
Feelings, T. Black Pilgrimage
Fisher, L. Gandhi
Fleischman, S. Abracadabra Kid: A Writer’s Life
Foreman, M. War Boy (series)
Freedman, R. Wright Brothers
Fritz, J. So You Want People to Vote, Lizzie Stanton?
George, J. Tarantula in my Purse
Greenfield, E. Childtimes
Hart, P. Up in the Air: . . . Bessie Coleman
Haskins, J. Life and Death of Martin Luther King , Jr.
Hautzig, E. Endless Steppe
Kamen, G. Hidden Music: The Life of Fanny Mendelssohn
Krull, K. Lives of the Athletes (series)
Lasker, J. Great Alexander the Great
Littlefield, B. Champions: Stories of Ten Remarkable Athletes

Lyons, M. Master of Mahogany: Tom Day . . . (series)
Peet, B. Bill Peet: An Autobiography
Say, A. El Chino
Siegel, B. Eye on the World: Margaret Bourke-White
Sills, L. Inspirations: Stories About Women Artists
Singer, I. Day of Pleasure
Sis, P. Starry Messenger: Galileo Galilei
Spivack, Grass Sandals
Stanley, D. Leonardo da Vinci
Wisniewski, D. Sundiata
Wolf, S. Focus: Five Women Photographers
Zheng, Z Young Painter
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5/6 NONFICTION - Fairy Tales, Folklore and Mythology - 5/6 NONFICTION

Author Title

Bader, B. Aesop and Company
Aldana, P. Jade and Iron: Latin American Tales . . .
Bierhorst, J. Dancing Fox: Arctic Folktales
Chang, M. Beggar’s Magic
Chaucer / Cohen Canterbury Tales
Colum, P. Children’s Homer
Cooper, S. Tam Lin
Gates, D. Fair Wind for Troy
Grimm/Sendak Juniper Tree
Hamilton, V. In the Beginning: Creation Stories
Hodges, M. St. George and the Dragon
Jaffrey, M. Seasons of Splendor
Keeping, C. Beowulf
Kendall, C. Sweet and Sour: Tales from China
Kimmel, E. Witch’s Face
Lang, A. Blue Fairy Book (series)
Lewis, N. Proud Knight, Fair Lady:....Lais of Marie de France
Martin, R. Mysterious Tales of Japan
McCaughrean, G. Greek Myths
Merrill, J. Girl Who Loved Caterpillars
Philip, N. Arabian Nights
Pyle, H. Story of King Arthur and his Knights
Rose, D. People Who Hugged the Trees
San Souci, R. Samurai’s Daughter
Sutcliff, R. Sword in the Circle (series)
Wisniewski, D. Golem
Yep, L. Khan’s Daughter
Zelinsky, P. Rapunzel
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5/6 NONFICTION - History, Science and Culture - 5/6 NONFICTION

Author Title

Aliki Mummies Made in Egypt
Arnosky, J. Drawing Life in Motion
Bang, M. Chattanooga Sludge
Colman, P. Corpses, Coffins, Crypts
Fleischman, P. Dateline: Troy
Giblin, J. Be Seated
Isaacson, P. Short Walk around the Pyramids and....World of Art
Jackson, D. Bone Detectives
Lasky, K. Puppeteer
Lauber, P. Flood
Macaulay, D. Castle
Macy, S. Winning Ways: . . . American Women in Sports
Mann, E. Great Pyramid
Maurer, R. Rocket!: How a Toy Launched the Space Age
Osborne, M. One World, Many Religions
Pringle, L. Jackal Woman (series)
Quinlan, S. Case of the Mummified Pigs
Sattler, H. Sharks, the Super Fish
Simon, S. Comets, Meteors and Asteroids
Wick, W. Drop of Water
Young, E. Voices of the Heart
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Author Title

Adoff, A. Love Letters
Bunting, E. I Am the Mummy, Heb-nefert
Dickinson, E. A Brighter Garden
Dunbar, P. I Greet the Dawn
Dunning, S. Reflections on a Gift of Watermelon Pickle
Greenfield, E. Under the Sunday Tree
Feelings, T. Soul Looks Back in Wonder
Hall, D. Oxford Book of Children’s Verse in America
Ho, M. Maples in the Mist:....Poems from the Tang Dynasty
Hopkins, L. Extra Innings: Baseball Poems
Hughes, L. Dream Keeper and Other Poems
Hughes, T. Season Songs
Janeczko, P. Place My Words Are Looking For
Kennedy, X. Forgetful Wishing
Koch, K. Talking to the Sun
Larrick, N. Piper, Pipe That Song Again
Little, J. Hey, World! Here I Am
Livingston, M. Cricket Never Does
McCollough, f. Earth, Air, Fire and Water
McCord, D. Away and Ago
Nye, N. Tree Is Older Than You Are
Plotz, H. Imagination’s Other Place

Prelutsky, J. Beauty of the Beast
Rylant, C. Waiting to Waltz: A Childhood
Sandburg, C. Rainbows Are Made
Seabrooke, B. Judy Scuppernong (series)
Service, R. Cremation of Sam McGee
Silverstein, S. Falling Up
Simon, S. Star Walk
Sullivan, A. Imaginary Gardens: American Poetry and Art . . .
Willard, N. Pish, Posh, Said Hieronymus Bosch
Wilner, A. Poetry Troupe
Yolen, J. O Jerusalem
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Author Title

Aiken, J. Wolves of Willoughby Chase
Alexander, L. Book of Three
Babbitt, N. Tuck Everlasting
Bauer, M. On My Honor
Fitzhugh, L. Harriet the Spy
George, J. Julie of the Wolves
L’Engle, M. Wrinkle in Time
Paterson, K. Bridge to Terebithia
Paulsen, G. Hatchet
Taylor, M. Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry
Watkins, Y. So Far from the Bamboo Grove
Waugh, S. Mennyms
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