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Dear Brookline families:

Brookline is a community which values and promotes lifelong literacy. The town’s schools, libraries, and bookstores are places to discover new and familiar titles, to share understandings, and to grow as readers. We are pleased to introduce the most recent edition of the Brookline Public Schools Reading List K-8. The suggested titles represent our recommendations of quality titles to involve children in thoughtful and enjoyable year round reading.

We appreciate the work of the following members of the Brookline Public Schools Reading List Committee who researched titles and made final selections:

Barbara Scotto, 6th grade teacher, Driscoll School
Rosalind von Au, Librarian, Driscoll School,
Sheri Hesch, Children’s Librarian, Brookline Public Library,
Liz Mellett, Young Adult Librarian, Brookline Public Library,
Polly Cornblath, Community Liaison, Children’s Book Shop.

We hope that you will find the list a useful resource for sharing in your child’s reading experiences.

Guidelines for Use

1. The purpose of the Brookline Public Schools K-8 Reading List is to make recommendations of books for students to read throughout the year.The suggested titles represent literature that will involve children in thoughtful and enjoyable reading. Grade level designations represent general guidelines; children are encouraged to read widely. Books are chosen for the list to appeal to and challenge many types of readers. We hope that parents will guide their children’s choices.

2. Students should keep the Reading List easily accessible for use throughout the school year.

3. Most of the books on the Reading List are available at all Brookline Elementary School Libraries, Brookline Public Libraries, Boston Public Libraries, and local bookstores. Not all titles, however, will be available at all locations. Every effort has been made to include on the list many titles that are available in paperback in order to encourage parents to help each child to begin to build his/her own library.

4. The Reading List is divided into sections by grouping grade levels together as follows:
K-2, 3-4, 5-6, 7-8. Within each section, titles and authors are listed in specific categories covering various genres in fiction and different topics in non-fiction, as well as Books to Read Aloud, Picture Books for Older Readers, and Notable Books for each grade. Also included is a list of Pre-School Notable Books.

5. A special effort has been made to include in the Reading List those authors, illustrators and works which appear on “A Suggested List of Authors, Illustrators, or Works Reflecting Our Common Literary and Cultural Heritage” and the “Suggested List of Contemporary American Literature and World Literature” from the State of Massachusetts English Language Arts Curriculum Framework.

6. Since it is impossible to include every worthy title by some authors who have written many fine books, it is hoped that readers will consult with teachers and librarians for guidance concerning other possible titles to read by some of the more prolific writers.

7. It is hoped that parents will use the Reading List to share in their children’s reading experiences. This can be done by parents reading the books themselves, or by reading the books aloud with their children, and then talking about the books and exploring the ideas and questions that they raise.

Comments and suggestions on both the general function of the list and specific titles are welcomed by the Brookline Public Schools Reading List Committee members at any time.

Barbara Scotto, 6th Grade Teacher, Driscoll School
Rosalind von Au, Librarian, Driscoll School
Sheri Hesch, Children’s Librarian, Brookline Public Library
Liz Mellett,Young Adult Librarian, Brookline Public Library
Polly Cornblath, Community Liaison,Children’s Book Shop

Reading List Subjects

Read Aloud

FICTION - Adventures
FICTION - Fantasy and Science Fiction
FICTION - Historical
NONFICTION - Biography and Autobiography
NONFICTION - Fairy Tales, Folklore, Legends and Mythology
NONFICTION - History, Science and Culture


3/4 - Books for Families to Read Aloud - 3/4

Author Title

Barrie, J. Peter Pan
Baum, F. Wizard of Oz (series)
Browning / Greenaway Pied Piper of Hamelin
Burnett, F. Secret Garden
Cohn, A. From Sea to Shining Sea: . . . American Folklore
Collodi, C. Pinocchio
Dahl, R. Danny, the Champion of the World
DeJong, M. Wheel on the School
dePaola, T. Tomie dePaola’s Book of Bible Stories
Estes, E. Hundred Dresses
Fitzgerald, J. Great Brain (series)
Hamilton, V. When Birds Could Talk and Bats Could Sing
Holling, H. Tree in the Trail
Isaacs, A. Treehouse Tales
Kipling / Pinkney Rikki-Tikki-Tavi
Langton, J. Fragile Flag
Levoy, M. Witch of Fourth Street and Other Stories
Lindgren, A. Pippi Longstocking (series)
Lopez, B. Crow and Weasel
Mead, A. Junebug
Myers, W. Me, Mop and the Moondance Kid (series)
North, S. ascal
Norton, M. Borrowers (series)
Paterson, K. King’s Equal
Provensen, A. My Fellow Americans
Rosen, M. South and North, East and West
Sandburg, C. Rootabaga Stories
Scieszka, J. Stinky Cheese Man and Other Fairly Stupid Tales
Sharp, M. Rescuers (series)
Stevenson, R. Treasure Island
Sutcliff, R. Minstrel and the Dragon Pup
Travers, P. Mary Poppins (series)
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3/4 FICTION - Adventure - FICTION 3/4

Author Title

Avi Emily Upham’s Revenge
Baillie, A. Adrift
Carrick, C. Stay Away from Simon
Clark, A. Secret of the Andes
Enright, E. Gone Away Lake
Fleischman, S.. Midnight Horse
Gardiner, J. Stone Fox
Kehret, P. Earthquake Terror
Mahy, M. Blood and Thunder Adventure on Hurricane Peak
Morpurgo, M. Wreck of the Zanzibar

Myers, W. Righteous Revenge of Artemis Bonner
Napoli, D. Trouble on the Tracks
Phleger, M. Pilot Down, Presumed Dead
Scieszka, J. Knights of the Kitchen Table (series)
Wallace, B. Cousins in the Castle
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3/4 FICTION - Animal Stories - FICTION 3/4

Author Title

Bauer, M. Ghost Eye
Byars, B. Tornado
Dana, B. Zucchini (series)
Dickinson, P. Chuck and Danielle
Farley, W. Black Stallion (series)
Fleischman, S, Jim Ugly
George, J. Vulpes: The Red Fox
Haas, J. Blue for Beware (series)
Hearne, B. Eliza’s Dog
Henry, M. Misty of Chincoteague (series)
Hesse, K. Sable
McKay, H. Dog Friday
Morey, W. Kavik the Wolf Dog
Mowat, F. Owls in the Family
Naylor, P. Shiloh (series)
Thomas, J. Fox in a Trap
Yep, L. Later Gator
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3/4 FICTION - Fantasy and Science Fiction - FICTION 3/4

Author Title

Alexander,L. Wizard in the Tree
Avi Poppy
Babbitt, N. Search for Delicious
Bond, M. Bear Called Paddington (series)
Brittain, B. Wish Giver
Brooks, W. Freddy the Detective (series)
Cameron, E. Wonderful Flight to the Mushroom Planet (series)
Chew, R. Do-It-Yourself Magic (series)
Coombs, P. Dorrie and the Blue Witch (series)
Cresswell, H. Secret World of Polly Flint
Dahl, R. Fantastic Mr. Fox
Dexter, C. A is for Apple, W is for Witch

Dickinson, P. Time and the Clock Mice Etcetera
Eager, E. Seven Day Magic (series)
Farmer, N. Warm Place
Flack, M. Walter the Lazy Mouse
Godden, R. Mousewife
Grahame, K. Reluctant Dragon
Gray, L. Falcon’s Egg
Howe, J. Bunnicula (series)
King-Smith, D. School Mouse
Kroll, S. Space Cats
Langton, J. Diamond in the Window (series)
LeGuin, U. Catwings (series)
Lisle, J. Forest
Maguire, G. Seven Spiders Spinning (series)
Morpurgo, M. Sandman and the Turtles
Naylor, P. Grand Escape
Pyle / Hyman Bearskin
Selden, G. Chester Cricket’s New Home (series)
Service, P. Stinker from Space (series)
Sleator, W. Among the Dolls
Slobodkin, L. Space Ship under the Apple Tree (series)
Slote, A. My Trip to Alpha I (series)
Steig, W. Dominic
Todd, R. Space Cat (series)
van der Wetering, J. Hugh Pine (series)
White, E. Trumpet of the Swan
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3/4 FICTION - Historical Fiction - FICTION 3/4

Author Title

Anderson, M. Children of Summer
Avi Night Journeys (series)
Brink, C. Caddie Woodlawn
Bulla, C. Sword in the Tree
Clifton, L. Lucky Stone
Dexter, C. Safe Return
Dorris, M. Morning Girl
Gross, V. Day It Rained Forever (series)
Hamilton, V. Drylongso
Hautzig, E. Gift for Mama
Herman, C. House on Walenska Street
Hopkinson, D. Birdie’s Lighthouse
Johnson, D. Seminole Diary
Kinsey-Warnock, N. Canada Geese Quilt
Lasky, K. Journey to the New World (series)

Latham, J. Carry On, Mr. Bowditch
Lenski, L. Indian Captive
McCully, E. Bobbin Girl
Mochizuki, K. Baseball Saved Us (series)
Monjo, F. Me and Willie and Pa
Nicol, B. Beethoven Lives Upstairs
Ross, P. Hannah’s Fancy Notions (series)
Speare, E. Sign of the Beaver
Strete, C. How the Indians Bought the Farm
Taylor, M. Song of the Trees
Taylor, S. All-of-a-Kind Family (series)
Tunnell, M. Mailing May
Turner, A. Nettie’s Trip South
Wetterer, M. Kate Shelley and the Midnight Express
Wilder, L. Farmer Boy (series)
Yolen, J. Encounter
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3/4 FICTION - Humor - FICTION 3/4

Author Title

Atwater, P. Mr. Popper’s Penguins
Blume, J. Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing (series)
Byars, B. Seven Treasure Hunts
Cleary, B. Henry Huggins (series)
Clifford, E. Help! I’m a Prisoner in the Library
Dahl, R. Witches
Danziger, P. Amber Brown Is Not a Crayon (series)
DuBois, W. Alligator Case
Gardiner, J. Top Secret
Greenwald, S. Write On, Rosy! (series)
Hall, L. Zelda Strikes Again (series)
Hughes, S. Another Helping of Chips
Hurwitz, J. Class Clown (series)
King-Smith, D. Martin’s Mice
Kline, S. Herbie Jones and the Class Gift (series)
Lawson, R. Ben and Me
MacDonald, B. Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle (series)
Mahy, M. Tingleberries, Tuckertubs and Telephones
McCloskey, R. Homer Price (series)
Park, B. Beanpole
Pinkwater, D. Fat Men from Space
Richler, M. Jacob Two-Two Meets the Hooded Fang (series)
Rockwell, H. How to Eat Fried Worms
Rodgers, M. Freaky Friday (series)
Seidler, T. Mean Margaret
Stanley, D. Rumplestiltskin’s Daughter
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3/4 FICTION - Mystery Stories - FICTION 3/4

Author Title

Bellairs, J. House with the Clock in its Walls
Christian, M. Sebastian Supersleuth (series)
Elmore, P. Susannah and the Poison Green Halloween (series)
Landon, L. Meg Macintosh (series)
Levy, E. Something Queer in the Wild West (series)
Parish, P. Clues in the Woods (series)
Simon, S. Einstein Anderson: Science Sleuth (series)
Sobol, D. Encyclopedia Brown, Boy Detective (series)
Stevenson, D. Case of the Visiting Vampire
Titus, E. Basil of Baker Street (series)
Wallace, B. Peppermints in the Parlor (series)
Warner, G. Boxcar Children (series)
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3/4 FICTION - Picture books for Older Readers - FICTION 3/4

Author Title

Ada, A. Gold Coin
Agee, J. Incredible Paintings of Felix Clousseau
Alexander, L. House Gobaleen
Alexander, S. Nadia the Willful
Anno All in a Day
Barrett, J. Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs
Baylor, B. Hawk, I’m Your Brother
Bedard, M. Divide
Ben-Ezer, E, Hosni, the Dreamer
Blos, J. Nellie Bly’s Monkey
Bunting, E. Train to Somewhere
Burningham, J. Come Away from the Water, Shirley
Cherry, L. Great Kapok Tree
Choi, N. Halmoni and the Picnic
Christiansen, C. Calico and Tin Horns
Conrad, P. Rooster’s Gift
Fleming, C. Gabriella’s Song
Gregory, N. How Smudge Came
Heide, F. Day of Ahmed’s Secret
Hopkinson, D. Sweet Clara and the Freedom Quilt
Johnston, T. Amber on the Mountain
Khalsa, D. Tales of a Gambling Grandma
Lawrence, J. Harriet and the Promised Land
Macaulay, D. Black and White
Pinkney, B. Adventures of Sparrowboy
Oppenheim, S. Lily Cupboard

Say, A. Grandfather’s Journey
Shea, P. Whispering Cloth: A Refugee’s Story
Sisilu, E. Day Gogo Went to Vote
Spedden, D. Polar, the Titanic Bear
Stanley, D. Gentleman and the Kitchen Maid
Tamar, E. Garden of Happiness
Uchida, Y. Bracelet
Van Allsburg, C. Two Bad Ants
Williams, V. Cherries and Cherry Pits
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3/4 FICTION - Realistic Fiction - FICTION 3/4

Author Title

Bulla, C. Shoeshine Girl
Byars, B. Not Just Anybody Family (series)
Cameron, A. Most Beautiful Place in the World
Cameron, E. That Julia Redfern (series)
Caseley, J. Hurricane Harry (series)
Catling, P. Chocolate Touch
Cleary, B. Ramona Forever (series)
Conrad, P. Staying Nine
Enright, E. Saturdays (series)
Estes, E. Moffats
Flournoy, V. Twins Strike Back
Fox, P. Maurice’s Room
Gates, D. Blue Willow
Gilson, J. Hobie Hanson, You’re Weird (series)
Greene, B. Philip Hall Likes Me, I Reckon Maybe
Greenfield, E. Sister
Guy, R. Ups and Downs of Carl Davis III
Hamilton, V. Cousins
Herman, C. Millie Cooper, 3B (series)
Hurwitz, J. Aldo Applesauce (series)
Joseph, L. Wave in Her Pocket: Stories from Trinidad
Jukes, M. Like Jake and Me
Konigsburg, E. Jennifer, Hecate, Macbeth, William McKinley . . .
Lindgren, A. Lotta on Troublemaker Street
Little, J. Different Dragons
Lovelace, M. Betsy-Tacy (series)
Lowry, L. All About Sam (series)
MacLachlan, P. Journey
Mathias, S. Hundred Penny Box

McDonnell, C. Don’t Be Mad, Ivy (series)
McKay, H. Amber Cat
Mohr, N. Felita
Nabb, M. Josie Smith (series)
Namioka, L. Yang the Youngest and His Terrible Ear (series)
Neville, E. It’s Like This, Cat
Paterson, K. Flip-Flop Girl
Paton Walsh, Jill Birdie and the Ghosties
Robinson, N. Veronica the Show Off (series)
Schlein, M. Year of the Panda
Sharmat, M. Maggie Marmelstein for President (series)
Shreve, S. Flunking of Joshua T. Bates (series)
Smith, D. Taste of Blackberries
Smith, R. Chocolate Fever
Spinelli, J. Fourth Grade Rats
Townsend, J. Tom Tiddler’s Ground
Walter, M. Justin and the Best Biscuits in the World
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3/4 FICTION - Sports - FICTION 3/4

Author Title

Adler, D. Jeffrey’s Ghost and the Leftover Baseball Team
Auch, M. Angel and Me and the Bayside Bombers
Bledsoe, L. Big Bike Race
Christopher, M. Red-Hot Hightops
Cohen, B. Thank You, Jackie Robinson
Corbett, S. Home Run Trick
Giff, P. Left Handed Shortstop
Hughes, D. Making the Team (series)
Hurwitz, J. Baseball Fever
Knudson, R. Rinehart Lifts
Myers, W. Mop, Moondance and the Nagasaki Knights
Smith, R. Bobby Baseball
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3/4 NONFICTION - Biography and Autobiography - NONFICTION 3/4

Author Title

Adler, D. Lou Gehrig: Luckiest Man Alive
Brighton, C. Nijinsky: Scenes from the Childhood . . .
Brown, D. Alice Ramsey’s Grand Adventure
Bulla, C. Grain of Wheat
Coerr, E. Sadako and the Thousand Paper Cranes

Coles, R. Story of Ruby Bridges
Cooney, B. Eleanor
Cooper, F. Coming Home: From the Life of Langston Hughes
dePaola, T. Francis: The Poor Man of Assisi
Duggleby, J. Artist in Overalls: The Life of Grant Wood
Fisher, L. Gutenberg
Freedman, R. Out of Darkness: The Story of Louis Braille
Fritz, J. And Then What Happened, Paul Revere? (series)
Giblin, J. Thomas Jefferson
Giff, P. Mother Theresa, Sister to the Poor (series)
Gish, L. Actor’s Life for Me
Greenfield, E. Alesia
Hyman, T. Self Portrait: Trina Schart Hyman (series)
Jakes, J. Susannah of the Alamo
Johnston, J. Frederick Law Olmsted: Partner with Nature
King-Smith, D. Dick King-Smith’s Animal Friends
Lasky, K. Marven of the Great North Woods
McCully, E. Pirate Queen
McGovern, A. Secret Soldier
Meir, M. Alina: A Russian Girl Comes to Israel
Mitchell, B. Click! The Story of George Eastman
Nelson, M. Maria Martinez
Pinkney, A. Dear Benjamin Banneker
Rylant, C. Margaret, Frank and Andy
San Souci, R. Kate Shelley, Bound for Legend
Scioscia, M. Bicycle Rider
Sills, L. Visions: Stories about Women Artists
Szabo, C. Sky Pioneer: A Photobiography of Amelia Earhart
Stanley, D. Last Princess: . . . Princess Ka’ iulani of Hawaii
Towle, W. Real McCoy: African American Inventor
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3/4 NONFICTION - Fairy Tales, Folklore, Legends and Mythology - 3/4 NONFICTION

Author Title

Asbjornsen, P. East of the Sun and West of the Moon
Bierhorst, J. Monkey’s Haircut: Stories of the Maya
Bruchac, J. Boy Who Lived with the Bears
Bryan, A. Story of Lightning and Thunder
Cooper, S. Silver Cow
Delacre, L. Golden Tales: Myths, Legends...from Latin America
Finger, C. Tales from Silver Lands
Ginsburg, M. How Wilka Went to Sea . . .
Goble, P. Return of the Buffalo
Grimm / Zelinsky Rumpelstiltskin

Hooks, W. Moss Gown
Huck, C. Toads and Diamonds
Kellogg, S. Pecos Bill (series)
Krylov / Heins Cat and the Cook and Other Fables of Krylov
Manna, A. Mr. Semolina-Semolinus
Martin, R. Rough-Faced Girl
Osborne, M. Favorite Norse Myths
Parks, V. Jump! The Adventures of Brer Rabbit (series)
Pyle, H. Merry Adventures of Robin Hood
Rohmer, H. Invisible Hunters
San Souci, R. Larger than Life: . . . American Legendary Heroes
Schwartz, A. Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark (series)
Simms, L. Bone Man: A Native American Modoc Tale
Wolkstein, D. Magic Wings
Yellow Robe Tonwaya and the Eagles
Young, E. Turkey Girl
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3/4 NONFICTION - History, Science and Culture - NONFICTION 3/4

Author Title

Bash, B. Desert Giant: ...World of the Saguaro Cactus (series)
Bjork, C. Linnea in Monet’s Garden
Carrick, C. Whaling Days
Cole, J. Magic School Bus . . . Hurricane
Cummins, J. Inside, Outside Books of Libraries
Finkelstein, N. Remember Not to Forget
Forsythe, A. Journey Through a Tropical Jungle
Freedman, R. Children of the Wild West
Hoyt-Goldsmith, D. Hoang Anh: A Vietnamese-American Boy
Isaacson, P. Round Buildings...Buildings that Wiggle Like a Fish
Kendall, R. Russian Girl: Life in an Old Russian Town
Lasky, K. Most Beautiful Roof in the World
Lauber, P. Volcano
Markle, S. Outside and Inside Snakes (series)
Meltzer, M. Amazing Potato
Patterson, F. Koko’s Kitten (series)
Ride, S. Third Planet: Exploring the Earth from Space
Roy, R. Move Over, Wheelchairs Coming Through
Schmidt, J. Two Lands, One Heart: A Boy Visits . . . Vietnam
Sewall, M. Pilgrims of Plimoth (series)
Simon, S. Heart : Our Circulatory System (series)
Waters, K. Sarah Morton’s Day (series)
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Author Title

Adedjouma, D. Palm of My Heart
Adoff, A. Street Music: City Poems
Blishen, E. Oxford Book of Poetry for Children
Booth, D. Till All the Stars Have Fallen
Brooks, G. Bronzeville Boys and Girls
Carle, E. Dragons, Dragons and Other Creatures
Ciardi, J. You Know Who
Cole, W. Oh, What Nonsense!
de la Mare, W. Peacock Pie
deRegniers, B. Sing a Song of Popcorn
Esbensen, B. Cold Stars and Fireflies: Poems of the Four Seasons
Giovanni, N. Spin a Soft Black Song
Greenfield, E. Honey I Love
Hopkins, L. Dinosaurs
Jones, E. Trees Stand Shining
Kennedy, X. Knock on a Star
Larrick, N. Cats Are Cats
Livingston, M. O Frabjous Day
Longfellow / Rand Paul Revere’s Ride
McCord, D. Take Sky
Prelutsky, J. Pizza the Size of the Sun
Silverstein, S. Where the Sidewalk Ends
Slier, D. Make a Joyful Sound
Sneve, V. Dancing Teepees: Poems of American Indian Youth
Thayer, E. Casey at the Bat
Thomas, J. Brown Honey in Broomwheat Tea
Tripp, W. Marguerite, Go Wash Your Feet
Willard, N. A Visit to William Blake’s Inn
Worth, V. All the Small Poems
Yolen, J. Skyscrape, Cityscape
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Butterworth, O. Enormous Egg
Cameron, A. Stories Julian Tells
Cleary, B. Ramona Quimby, Age 8
Fleischman, S. Whipping Boy
Lester, J. John Henry
Louie, A. Yeh-Shen: A Cinderella Story
Maclachlan, P. Sarah Plain and Tall
San Souci, R. Talking Eggs
Selden, G. Cricket in Times Square
White, E. Charlotte’s Web
Wilder, L. Little House on the Prairie
Williams, V. Scooter
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