Hello Runkle School Community,

18-15I want to remind you all of an important conversation/training that is taking place this Wednesday Feb 7th, at 8:05-9:30am at the Runkle School cafeteria. Our PTO co-chairs have reached out to Organizational Development Consultant Gillian Simkiss to continue to support our school in examining unconscious bias. Our school community continues to need additional outlets to talk and learn about race and identity. It is more evident to me today that we must start in the early grades. The work of being able to identify one’s own bias and learn more about differences is not only the work of our schools but this is also the responsibility of parents and the community as a whole. I look forward to our continued dialogue on what we can do at Runkle in interrupting inequitable practices, challenging biases, and creating an inclusive Runkle school environment for all. See you all on Wednesday Feb 7th.

In Unity,
Your Principal Genteen Jean-Michel


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