January is ending and we are happy with all that we have accomplished so far for the start of 2018. We had two great events this week; Book Swap and Family Ice Skating. Everyone who was there Saturday night will agree how perfect an evening it was! 
  1. Runkle Book Swap, thanks to Dyan Bhatia
  2. Parent Info session for Literacy, thanks to Runkle’s Literacy Team
  3. Skating Under the Stars, thanks to Josie Peterson
  4. The upcoming Bingo Night, thanks to Bob Carney who also hosted our recent charity Puerto Rico Trivia night
  5. $28K raised in the annual fund, thanks to the Runkle families who have donated. We’re getting close to half way for our annual $60K budget. All donations make a difference. Please donate.


We feel honored to serve the Runkle Community of staff, students, and parents and have enjoyed meeting their needs and making the Runkle Community experience better. Please remember that we cannot do this on our own. The generosity of your time, donations, knowledge, and resources, have made all of these endeavors possible. Thank you and let’s keep this amazing show of RUNKLE SPIRIT going. We are so excited about how much more we all can do.
Runkle PTO (pto null@null runkle co-chairs Dorothy Charles, Amy Bacon and Sharon Brockmann

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