18-15We often use this section of the Runkle News to recap news from recent events and programs at Runkle School; but this week we feel we need to address the recent racially divisive incidents at Brookline High School and how similar incidents and feelings may be effecting our school community. The PTO is currently exploring ways to introduce the topic racism and bias to the Runkle School Community; and we are asking for your help as we do so. Do you feel racism is something we should be concerned about at Runkle? Have you or your children experienced bias (gender, religious, racial, or other) in school or in the community? We would like to hear your thoughts about how best to address these issues at Runkle. Would a special guest speaker or a public meeting be appropriate? Do you have other ideas how best to open the discussion? Please get in touch with your thoughts by contacting the PTO (pto null@null runkle

In other news we would like to acknowledge the many parent and family volunteers who help out each week at Runkle. Last week was no exception.

  • The School Council Meeting.
  • The PTO Grant Committee awarding grants to many teacher and parent proposals (details to follow in the coming weeks).
  • The greatly anticipated annual Candy House Decorating event, organized by Catherine Burke and Alexandra Rengel along with a troop of amazing volunteers.

There’s no letup with this week’s events either as you’ll see next in this newsletter. If you can make it, please join us for the last PTO meeting of 2017 on Tuesday at 8:05am in the cafeteria. Everyone is welcome!

Have a great week!
Runkle PTO (pto null@null runkle co-chairs Dorothy Charles, Amy Bacon and Sharon Brockmann

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