December is traditionally a month of celebrations, peace, and togetherness. We welcomed this month at Runkle by inviting children, families, parents & teachers to join together in a celebration of peace and tolerance by making Paper Cranes for Peace. With all that is going on at Bookline High School, we want to continue to make Runkle a place where all are welcome and treated equally. Thank you to the faculty and staff who continue to teach our children the values that we are teaching them at home.

The Peace Cranes Project is hoping to 18-14extend to town wide participation involvement of all 8 elementary schools, Brookline High School, and the local library. When the cranes are finished and strung they will be sent to Washington D.C. as a message for peace and tolerance on Martin Luther King Jr. Day. Thanks to Ben Kelly, Valerie Patsky, and their team for organizing this event. Thanks to Charu Deshpande and students for helping to instruct those of us who needed help with making the peace cranes. If you were unable to make it and would like to send cranes please drop them off in the PTO office or join us again on Fri, Dec 15th in the front lobby for as part of the town-wide event.

This week we are looking forward to a sweet Friday of building Candy Houses! We know this event fills up quickly, so if you are not able to make it please let Catherine Burke (cfburke null@null rcn know so others can join.

Let us know if you have new ideas to share or ways we can continue to grow, educate and build our community.

Have a great week!

Runkle PTO (pto null@null runkle co-chairs Dorothy Charles, Amy Bacon and Sharon Brockmann

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