18-9_1Dear RUNKLE Families,

Now is the time to apply for a Runkle PTO Grant. If you have an idea that would benefit the classroom or the whole school, please read below for details on the types of grants awarded. Keep in mind the application deadline is Fri. Nov 10th. After all applications have been submitted, the granting committee will contact all applicants with any follow-up questions. Applicants will then receive letters of approval or denials by sometime in December. Please be aware that PTO Grant funding does take a few weeks to be approved and awarded.

School Committee Chair David Pollak will be visiting Runkle on Monday morning to meet with families and update us on what’s happening in the Brookline school district this year. The agenda is wide open so please join us 8:05am in the Runkle Library.

If you’re celebrating Halloween this week have a great time Trick or Treating! At last week’s Halloween Fair we know everyone had a great time, especially the 10 winners of our  counting contests!

Animal Cracker Counting: 1st place Liv D., Grade 2; 2nd place Ms. Ortiz’s daughter; tied for 3rd place Charlie K., Grade 1 and Misha E., Grade 8.

Gumdrop Counting: 1st place Misha E., Grade 8; 2nd place Aaron S., Grade 5; tied for 3rd place Maggie D., Grade 4 and Daniel O., Grade 7.

Bouncy Ball Counting: 1st place Misha E., Grade 8; tied for 2nd place Josefina G., Grade 2 and Zach B., Grade 2; 3rd place Jacob A., Grade 7.

In each category the first place winner will receive the Counting Container plus a $5 Dunkin’ Donuts Gift Card. Second and third place winners will receive $5 Dunkin’Donuts Gift Cards.


Runkle PTO co-chairs Dorothy Charles, Amy Bacon and Sharon Brockmann

pto@runkle.org (pto null@null runkle NULL.org)

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