Hello Runkle School Community,

After our first School Site Council meeting earlier this month, our 2nd and 3rd grade teachers met to discuss Time on Learning and began to share what is expected for students to know and be able to do to prepare them for the next grade. This was the beginning of a useful conversation that our 2nd and 3rd grade team will continue during this school year. Teachers found it beneficial to talk about student learning and will continue to discuss the components in the day and how it supports students to flourish in meeting the grade level standards.

On Wed, Nov 1st at 4pm in our Sleeper Library, the School Site Council will continue the conversation about Time on Learning. The goal will be to help me create for this year a master school schedule that better supports our goals and mission at Runkle. We will also begin to update our Runkle School Handbook on policies and procedures that will help keep our community on the same page about expectations and safety.

On the morning of Nov 1st we will have our practice evacuation drill.

Have a great week!
Your Principal,
Genteen Jean-Michel


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