Dear RUNKLE Friends and Families!

We are busy as bees! Last week we picked up the pace and accomplished much. With the help of you, our dedicated parents as volunteers and attendees, along with our board members and Runkle staff we:

  • Conducted our 2nd very informative PTO meeting (with many great questions and suggestions from parents who were able to attend and information from Ms. GT).
  • Initiated our commitment to community service with the Annual Runkle Food Pantry Drive and Parade (Oct. 20th).
  • Facilitated a smooth running Picture Day for our students with Linda D. and Coffee Pond photographers and the many parents who assisted.
  • Enjoyed a little adult fun with food, drinks, and music at the K and 2nd Grade potlucks (thanks to the wonderful hosts, Devon and Michael for K and Nicola K and Rob B for 2nd Grade, for opening up their beautiful homes to us).
  • Gazed at the stars with our 5th grade students and potential astronomers at Astronomy Night.
  • Took part in a very useful Town-wide Parent Leader meeting that gave us a broad perspective of what’s happening at schools town-wide.

runkle-newsletter-banner-astronomyAstronomy Night: The 5th grade had an out of this world math and science enrichment event, sponsored by the PTO Annual Fund this week! More than 40 students, and their parents, were WOWED during their field trip to the Clay Center Astronomy Night. Guest speaker “Galileo Galilei” made a lively appearance; and had us all enthralled by his discussion of scientific discoveries relating to the telescope. We were given informative, fun explanations of many objects in the skies, got to handle a meteorite older than the earth, and look through the telescope at stars 25 light years away! But without a doubt the highlight of the trip was seeing the International Space Station pass right over our heads on the clearest of nights. Whatever is happening in the world, for a few moments on that hillside we all felt like one, until the kids were ready to move on again! Thank you to Catherine Burke and Keesha Nock for organizing this event, and a special thanks as well to the staff of the Clay Center.

This week the PTO will host the Annual Halloween Fair. We’ve had a great response from Runkle volunteers so far, but with just 5 days to go we still need over 80 volunteers to help with activities and sales on the night. Without volunteers we may have to cancel some activities or reduce times so please step up if you can. Only you can make the night a success!

We want to stress that PTO meetings are monthly meetings, held by board members and staff, to inform parents and to be a place where ALL parents can ask questions and voice concerns. Because we meet for an hour, time is limited but your concerns are still important. If you want t o discuss any issues outside of the meetings, please contact us via email and we will work hard to address your concerns.

Runkle PTO co-chairs Dorothy Charles, Amy Bacon and Sharon Brockmann (pto null@null runkle

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