As we end this long Autumn weekend, we hope you have all spent some time making wonderful memories with your families and friends. Events are stepping up in gear for October as you will see when you read on. There will be many opportunities for families and students to come together in celebration of our Runkle community. At a glance we have the following PTO organized events and programs in the coming weeks:

  • Community Events – Music in the Morning, Potlucks for K & 2nd Grade and Halloween Fair.
  • Math & Science Enrichment – Astronomy Night for 5th Grade.
  • Community Service – Annual Food on Wheels Parade.

This year’s first big community evening, the Runkle Halloween Fair, is fast approaching. The Halloween Fair brings together children and families of all ages for a great night of games, costumes and activities. If you’re new to Runkle we’re sure you’ll be amazed by the community spirit shown by our teachers and staff as they dress up and provide goodies for the children; and whether you’re new or old we would encourage everyone to volunteer (http://r20 NULL.rs6 NULL.jsp?f=001LjemNbvjw6In-ZyV7jG-bzmDV2OVkYGasOIL34nXfkLbM_oByhlal5rfyYvZ_5QFosDXKiwBpM59Iai0cPkXPjB_pnrH5Xujnf3cwcgjaUa8Wm-AkyJ2jU2xdO8s_FzEFK2MPy_5dLVLtYJ3YgTCfBBF0cU33HIdnkPl1rqilE4LNX-cYjr7FTQCZcjDZqIP2R3--SdHXcFujdYmUi9EiePFED5HIY5G&c=&ch=) at one of our busiest community events.

A reminder to all families that the Annual School Picture Day is this Friday, October 13th. As in past years our photographers Coffee Pond are offering keepsake picture packages at a variety of price ranges; and pictures will also appear in the school yearbook. We always need helpers to assist with the smooth running of this event. Please sign up here if you can spare an hour on Friday morning. Thank you.

Finally, if you can make it we would love you to join us for the next PTO meeting, Tues, Oct 10th.


Runkle PTO co-chairs Dorothy Charles, Amy Bacon and Sharon Brockmann (pto null@null runkle

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