Hello Runkle School Community,

Our school continues to bustle with curiosity and learning! It has been a wonderful week and I look forward to supporting learning in the classroom in the week ahead!

18-6_1Sleeper Library

We had an awesome literacy enrichment event, sponsored by the PTO Annual Fund, for the 5th Grade this week when author Rob Buyea visited. He shared with the kids, parents and staff that he never turns off his “writing switch”. He amazed us with what motivates him to write and how his passion for wrestling and his teaching experience helped him grow his ideas as a writer.



Exploring Outdoors

It’s been a real pleasure to see our students utilizing the courtyard. The pumpkins are almost ready to pick allowing students to explore the wonders of a growing pumpkin patch.

18-6_3Reading in our Lower Grades

As you can see, our students are working on the principle of looking for patterns in words to help them read and write new words.


A special thank you to:

  • Parent Mike Roper for donating several cases of legal sized white paper to our school.
  • Our School Site Council teacher and parent members for a productive conversation about time on learning at Runkle. Our discussion brought us back to bringing in the voices of our teachers so we can determine how we can best utilize our day to ensure our students experience a day that is academically challenging while ensuring embedded movement breaks.
  • Our PTO chairs Dorothy, Amy and Sharon for meeting with me regularly to brainstorm how we can best work together as a real school and home partnership.

Dismissal Reminder

I have had several contacts with parents regarding the need of students to be supervised after dismissal. We have had a few injuries and complaints of rough play on the playground after school. I would like for parents to complete the Runkle School’s “How Do I Get Home” slip to help us understand how your child gets home from school. Please look out for the slip this week. As a reminder, at the end of the day parents/guardians who are picking up children may wait in the upper or lower lobbies until the students are dismissed (2:30pm on Mon – Thur; 1:40pm Fri). In order for students to be dismissed from school early, they must be signed out by a parent or designee in the office.

  • Kindergarten students will be dismissed from the Chesham Street classroom doors (unless alternate arrangements have been made). Older siblings will meet their Pre-K and K siblings in the K classrooms where they can leave together. Parents may meet their  Kindergarteners by coming to the Chesham Street classroom doors.
  • For 1st and 2nd Grade, classroom teachers will bring non-transport students (walkers) to the lower lobby where they will meet their parents/guardians at the appointed location for their child’s class.
  • Teachers in 3rd – 8th Grade will dismiss their students from the classroom. Students can leave the school through the upper and lower lobby doors.

Please note, after dismissal students may be in the building only with supervision, or as part of a program such as RED, RASP, or Homework Center. Students who are still waiting for a ride ten minutes after dismissal must notify the office. Thank you for helping us ensure that our students feel supported during their transition home.

Your Principal,

Genteen Jean-Michel


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