Let’s start with the nitty gritty.

Thank you to everyone who submitted Meet & Greet Handouts to Principal Genteen. The PTO made these sheets available as a way to solicit feedback and opinions from the Runkle Community and we’ve had a really great, constructive response. While the handouts were originally meant solely for our new Principal, they have now become the subject of a Public Records Request, made to the town by a Runkle parent, and so the contents of the handouts may now be handed over as part of this request. If you have any questions about this request please contact Ben Lummis (ben_lummis null@null psbma, Town Hall.

Now onto the happenings around school this week! The PTO renewed the maintenance contract on the school’s laminator for another year, courtesy of the PTO Annual Fund. While this may not sound like exciting news, we do get stopped all the time by staff to say how much it is used daily and how appreciative they are of the purchase. THANK YOU for all who have donated to the PTO Annual Fund (http://r20 NULL.rs6 NULL.jsp?f=001ZL6qGnixhvOGOEJ-TViOzXRFODIquXFTyNypnL7pms9LcuXZG6Aep-fkMoUUImsPYWciCdjFUD5r8RDEb40g9nZrP91EnLebn0kOZcNJgmS1vMn5woxAFIEM84-L6BnSL7Koqs2ZakjlrbiaKxbPmk4rChjxJd_W6zXy_WseWZu2QVK1rArSKD2pi7sCdKUW&c=XYsDjaFfjxH_SICXIu77hEbUx1EvWEspDjpfgv60hN4Q-LQafk_uKw==&ch=DaH43b_B8yp2Z23DdrnZTH1T5eiIvd951jJUd84G4YEFSFlFdoG9OA==) in the past and to those who have already donated this year. We are lucky to have such a generous community!

Back-to-School Night for Grades 6-8th is always an impressive and informative event as parents get to follow their children’s class schedule for a “typical” day. Our teachers are incredible and work so hard to make the night rewarding. The first K-2nd morning meeting on Thursday was a full house, with all of the children are so eager to share their classroom routine with parents and guardians.

Cross Country for Grades 5-8th and co-ed Volleyball for Grades 7-8th are also starting… GO RUNKLE!! We had such a huge turnout for Volleyball tryouts that we are trying to decide what to do with all these enthused athletes. If you would be interested in organizing Intramural’s for these eager kids please get in touch.

If you would like a copy of last school year’s 2016/17 Yearbooks they are for sale for $25 in the Office until they run out.

And finally, thank you to Alexa and Dave Martin (4th Grade) and Matthew and Katherine Stewart (5th Grade) for hosting potlucks that were enjoyed so much after such a busy week.


Runkle PTO co-chairs Dorothy Charles, Amy Bacon and Sharon Brockmann (pto null@null runkle

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