Warm greetings Runkle School Community.

As we head into our third full week of school I am continuing to work with our community to learn and share our hopes and goals. Our Kindergarten students are learning to express hopes and goals of their own as well. Entering a new school year with a new leader often brings anxiety, but it also brings excitement and joy for the possibilities to come! I want you to know that I am listening to your voices; and I hope we can work together to be transparent and supportive as this new year progresses.

At last week’s PTO sponsored Meet the Principal meetings, I shared a PowerPoint presentation summarizing the findings of the Meet & Greet Listening Sessions held earlier this year. As a PowerPoint serves as a means to share ideas to be discussed, I clarified the information in each slide giving detailed explanations and supporting examples of what our school community felt worked well and the items that, in their opinion, needed attention. This was the beginning stage of a much longer conversation with teachers, parents, and students as we continue our partnership in the work of teaching and learning.

My attempt to share preliminary findings did not include any judgement and I will work with our PTO Chairs and School Council to create a space for continued conversation. Our teaching staff has much to unpack regarding what requires attention for this school year; and I will continue to work with them to help develop these next steps. My decision to share the voices of what I heard should be used to build trust and unity as we proceed. After both sessions I was left feeling enthused having received several accolades.

Our first School Council meeting will be held on Wednesday, October 4th at 4pm in the library. I plan on bringing the concerns of our community to the meeting. My hope is to work together, to brainstorm ideas and to create a schedule that will reflect Runkle School’s Core Values and Mission. I encourage you to share ideas with our PTO co-chairs so your voice will be included in the conversation.

 I will continue working with our school community and will embrace your warm, welcoming feedback and acknowledgements.

Thank you,
Your Principal,
Genteen Jean-Michel


PS: If you were not part of the Meet & Greet or Meet the Principal discussions. the school and I would still welcome your input. Please click here to download a PDF sheet which can be filled out and returned to the office for review.

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