Respect. Unity. Nurturing Ideas. Kindness. Learning from our mistakes. Effort.


Hello Runkle School Community,

It has been an interesting last few days at Runkle. I have seen so many wonderful things taking place in our classrooms during the first seven days of school. Our teachers have been supporting their new students in learning classroom norms and helping the classroom communities work together to guide acceptable behaviors. All students can then function in a way that will support their development and growth. The expectations created encourage students to ask questions before judging. The dialogue I heard in classrooms was connected to our school values of Respect – Unity – Nurturing Ideas – Kindness – Learning from our mistakes – and Effort.

As a new member of our school community, watching students listen to understand made me think how as a whole school we could work together to better implement our school’s core values. I look forward to listening to all as we share ideas and come together again on Tuesday, September 19th at 8:05am and then again at 5:30pm at the PTO sponsored Meet the Principal events.

Looking forward to what the next full week at Runkle will bring! :)

Your Principal,
Genteen Jean-Michel


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