Dear Families,

The Brookline Education Foundation recently announced its 2017-2018 Collaborative Grants.  Runkle teachers will be involved in much literacy-based work funded by the BEF next year:
Bridging the Gap: Middle to High School Disciplinary Literacy – This grant will connect work being done in middle school disciplinary literacy to work that is being done in this area at the High School. Middle and High School teachers will form 6th-9th grade teams, participating together in a workshop to understand disciplinary litearcy, and then collaborating throughout the year. The goal of Disciplinary Literacy is to create independent and versatile readers, writers, and communicators across the spectrum of academic disciplinary fields.This work will increase high school preparedness and consistency across schools and content areas, and will provide educators with common language and practices to ensure students’ success. Bridget Francescone, Deb Mercer, Amy Sweeney, Teresa Gallo-Toth, Eileen Woodford
Leveled Literacy Intervention: District ELs, FELs Reading Trajectories and Intervention – English Language Learner teachers from Lincoln and Runkle will get certified to teach the reading program, Leveled Literacy Intervention for grades 3-8. They will work closely with Literacy Specialists at their schools to modify the program specifically for English Language Learners, and Former English Language Learners, so that this population can have declining reading levels be addressed, as they currently are being left behind. Lauren Carroll, Amy Sweeney

Teachers College Reading and Writing Project Coaching Institute – Brookline Literacy Coaches will attend the Teacher’s College Reading and Writing Project Coaching Institute. The coaches will strengthen their knowledge of the new writing curriculum that the District has adopted, and will be able to support classroom teachers through classroom coaching and professional development. Shoshana Jacobs

This past week was a very busy one at the John D. Runkle School! Wednesday night was our annual Art Gallery Night, with original works of art from all of our students displayed throughout the building. It was great to see so many parents admiring their children’s art, learning from their children about the different processes involved in their creation and the decisions the student artists made along the way. Many thanks as always to our phenomenal Art team of Alaina Ortiz and Olivia Reyelt for all of their work throughout the year with all of our students! We will be leaving much of the art work on display through these remaining weeks of school.
The Art Gallery Night was but one component of Music and Arts Week, which also included Music in the Morning performances by students and staff throughout the week in our main lobby, Band Concerts for students in Grades 4-8, and Friday morning’s 4th grade folk-music Chorus Concert, featuring many classic Americana songs, and square dancing as well!
Thursday morning was our final K-2 Morning Meeting of the year, where we bade farewell to teachers Marcy Bienen and Joanne Guzzi.  Students read poems and sang songs in tribute to these educators who have taught a generation of Runkle students and whose impact on student learning and growth will long be remembered by their students. We announced at the conclusion of the K-2 Morning Meeting that Meredith Chen, who has worked as a teaching aide in Ms. Bienen’s class for these past two years, will be returning to Runkle in the fall as one of our new 2nd grade teachers! We look to make additional hiring announcements for Grade 2 and our Grades 6-7 English Language Arts teaching position shortly!
Also this week was Brookline’s annual Track and Field competitions for students in Grades 5-8, held at Downes Field this past Tuesday and Thursday.  Runkle had one its largest number of participants, with over 70 students taking part in this event that brings together students from all of the Brookline elementary schools. Congratulations to all who participated and to those who earned ribbons as well!

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