Hello, everyone.

Thank you to the PTO for their help in postering our entrances and hallways with our new EVERYONE IS WELCOME and YOU “R” RUNKLE signs!
Please mark your calendars for this Friday, March 17, when incoming Principal Genteen Jean-Michel will be at Runkle!  Parent meet-and-greets are scheduled for 8:15 am as well as 5:00 pm, in the Sleeper Library.  (We are scheduling opportunities for staff to meet with Ms. Jean-Michel on Friday as well.)
A few notes from our middle school grades to pass along:
• Runkle finished 18th in the State MathCounts competition on Saturday, March 4, with 8th grader Sam L finishing 8th overall.  Ours was the only Brookline team to qualify for the state competition.  Congratulations!
• Our final Brookline Math League (grades 5 & 6) competition is this Wednesday afternoon. Runkle finished 3rd in the February meet, and while the students greatly enjoy the competitive aspect of the event, the competition is just the icing on the cake of getting close to 200 students townwide to come together to passionately engage in mathematical problem-solving and discussion.
• Tickets for HONK!, Runkle’s 7th and 8th grade Musical, will be on sale soon! Performances are March 30, April 1, and April 2.  HONK! tells the story of the Ugly Duckling’s path towards self-discovery, and its messages of respect for human (and “aquavian”?) differences and universal acceptance ring particularly true in our modern times.
March MadChess kicks off this week!  We have over 20 middle school students participating in our 2nd annual Runkle Chess competititon.  The brackets will be unveiled Monday morning.  Matches will take place in the main lobby during lunch and recess time.
• Close to 40 of our 7th and 8th graders will get to hear author, National Ambassador, and “Reading Without Walls” creator GENE LUEN YANG at Brookline High School on Thursday, April 6.  (I got my 2nd RWW button last week!) Special thanks to Ms. Gallo-Toth and Ms. Bigda for their work in promoting Reading Without Walls at Runkle.  The student response has been fantastic.  More information at http://geneyang.com/the-reading-without-walls-challenge (http://geneyang NULL.com/the-reading-without-walls-challenge).

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