Dear Families,

Below is a message regarding after-hours student safety that PSB principals are sharing with their communities this weekend:

As spring approaches and daylight lasts a bit longer, I’d like give families a general reminder about students staying safe after school hours. Please remember to speak with your child about taking precaution if they are on their own or traveling with friends. It may be helpful to remind them to:

 ·      Walk with a buddy or group;

·      Have plans after school (after-school activities, plans with friends and/or family, community activities);

·      Check-in with parent, guardian, older sibling, or another adult who may be responsible for you so someone always know where your child is;

·      Call the Brookline Police if they feel unsafe in any way, or if they need help.

 There are plenty of resources that are available to parents including information on school safety from the NCPC (http://www NULL.ncpc and Safe Kids Worldwide (https://www NULL.safekids

 The safety of our students is always a top priority. I think it’s important to occasionally remind all families and students to be mindful and attentive. We want students, families, and community members alike to feel safe in our schools and within Brookline. By working together, we can continue to ensure that our schools and our community remain a safe environment for all.

In addition, it is important for me to mention that we have been receiving concerns from our crossing guards in recent days regarding distracted and other unsafe driving around Runkle at pick-up and drop-off, including by parents.  Please, everyone, let’s use the utmost care as we operate our motor vehicles at all times, and be extra vigilant around our or any school zone!
Jim Stoddard

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