Hello, all.  It’s been quite a wintry stretch for us!  I hope you and your children have been able to enjoy some good old-fashioned, non-screen-time fun together in the snow this elongated weekend.
We are in the final hiring paperwork stages to bring Garrett Wallace on board as our long-term substitute for our music teacher Sarah Gardner, who is expecting her first child any day now!  Mr. Wallace is a graduate of the Berklee College of Music and has experience teaching music in Lexington and Lynn.  Mr. Wallace has ‘shadowed’ Ms. Gardner over the course of two days this past week, acclimating himself to our curriculum, routines, and of course, our students.
Jen Schultz has been gradually increasing her workload as she continues her transition back to full-time status.  John DeAngelo, who teaches Physical Education at the Devotion School, recently joined the Runkle Physical Education staff on a temporary, part-time basis to teach classes on Ms. Schultz’s schedule that she has not yet resumed.  Welcome to Runkle, Mr. DeAngelo!
Congratulations to the Brookline High School for their dramatic overtime win this weekend over Needham in the WGBH Quiz Bowl!  (The episode should soon be available via DVR and online at http://www.wgbh.org/quizshow/ (http://www NULL.wgbh NULL.org/quizshow/).)  BHS advances to the quarterfinals against Lexington High School with their victory.  Last week we tweeted (@RunkleSchool) an op-ed from the Boston Globe written by current BHS student and Runkle alum Jason Altshuler.  The theme of this exceptionally crafted piece of expository writing was Mark Twain’s famous line, “History doesn’t repeat itself, but it does rhyme.” For those not among the twitterati, you can access it here: goo.gl/RxrqnG (https://goo NULL.gl/RxrqnG).
Due to last week’s snowstorm, we have rescheduled International Spirit Day to this upcoming Thursday, February 16.

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