This upcoming Thursday, February 9, will be International Spirit Day at Runkle, where we celebrate the multicultural nature of our school and society.   Students and staff are encouraged to wear clothing representative of their family’s heritage on this special day. Respect for Human Differences is a core value of our school district, and we seek to celebrate the diversity of our students that makes up such a vital part of our special community.  Our Student Council is working on future Spirit Day themes and will be updating the community soon!

If you have concerns about the recent Executive Order regarding travel restrictions and how it may impact your child or your family, please know that our guidance counselors, classroom teachers, and administration are all eager to support you.

Congratulations to the Runkle MathCounts team for an impressive sixth place finish in this weekend’s Metro-Boston chapter competition! Ours is one of the most competitive divisions of the National MathCounts organization. We will find out shortly whether Runkle has procured a wild-card berth in the State Finals.  Our squad finished highest among the Brookline schools.  Congratulations to 8th graders SamanthaMarcoSamVarunMargaretLevi, and 7th graders

Ben, Sidvin, RohanLilia, and of course Coach Eric Lass.  Extra congratulations to Sam, who finished second out of over 250 students in the individual competition!
Jim Stoddard

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