Hello, everyone, and Best Wishes to all celebrating this weekend’s Lunar New Year!

This past Thursday marked the 90th day of the 180-day school year.  On that day we had a special K-2 Morning Meeting to celebrate all the growth and learning that has already occurred, and all that is still to come!  The meeting was capped with Math Specialists Michelle Schweiger and Pam Wells Rockhead memorably sharing the entertaining children’s story “Give Me Half!” with the students.
The passing of the halfway mark signifies, logically enough, the close of Quarter 2 for our students in Grades 6-8.  Report cards for these students will be published on the Aspen Parent Portal later this week.
Congratulations to our students and teachers for their wonderful Chorus and String concerts these past two weeks!   This week, Band takes center stage with performances in the Multipurpose Room on Tuesday night by students in Grades 5-8.
Jim Stoddard

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