Dear Families,

I hope you all have had the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful snowfall of this weekend.
I had the pleasure of joining our Kindergartners Friday morning in the cafeteria as they participated in “Snuggle and Fold,” an off-shoot of Runkle’s longstanding “Snuggle and Read” Kindergarten tradition where students and their parents and guardians come together to read together. This past Friday, instead of reading it was folding, as our Kindergartners and their families took part in Brookline’s Cranes for Peace project, making origami cranes, doves, and hearts to help spread messages of peace, understanding and good will.  Prior to the break, our middle school students contributed hundreds of cranes to this project as well.  I am always impressed by how students are eager to learn the craft of origami (a beautiful real-world application of mathematics), and also serve as teachers and helpers for other students.  This upcoming Friday afternoon there will be an additional opportunity, open to all Runkle students, to participate in the Cranes for Peace project.  Stay tuned for more information from our PTO!  And a special thanks again to Runkle parent Ben Kelley for all of his work in imagining and implementing this wonderful work!
This past Thursday I attended a most energizing and exciting workshop on Teaching Mathematics for a Growth Mindset, led by Stanford educator Dr. Jo Boaler, whose work emphasizes the ability of all students to think and learn deeply about mathematics. Her four key messages:
1. EVERYONE can learn (and love) math to high levels.
2. When you believe in yourself, your brain literally works differently.
3. Mistakes grow your brain. Struggle and challenge are good.
4. Creativity and Flexibility, not Speed, are critical to becoming fluent mathematical thinkers.
You can learn more about her work (and I encourage you do so!) from Dr. Boaler herself through the following links: (https://www and (https://www and her website (http://www NULL.youcubed
Finally, on a more pedestrian level – Unclaimed items from our Lost and Found collections (viewable on twitter!) will be bagged up and donated to charity at the end of the day Monday.
Jim Stoddard

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